Musicians for College Events

Musicians for College Events


Lance Kotara and LeAnna Kaufman met by chance in Nashville, TN and formed a bond of creative chemistry, which would lead to the birth of their dynamic duo “Lance and Lea.” Marked by close harmonies, prominent guitars, and emotional lyrics and melodies, the two have now written over 240 songs together. Learn more about Lance and Lea

Singer-songwriter Owen Danoff was a contestant on Season 10 of NBC’s The Voice. During the blind auditions, Owen chose Adam Levine as his coach after he received a chair turn by all four judges. He went on to be the first contestant on The Voice to play the bass and he continues to write and play in Nashville, TN. Learn more about Owen

Music runs in John Gurney’s blood. His father is an audio engineer and his song-writer Mother made a name for herself during the boom of the Chicago folk circuit in the 1970’s and 80’s. Now, John, propelled his own music career writing music with Joshua Burkett (Sam Hunt’s guitar player) and opening for Secondhand Seranade. Learn more about John

Shanice Green has a truly unique musical style that doesn’t quite fit a label. Her folky/pop sound is infiltrated with a bluesy soul feel. Shanice’s music is true to the heart. She records live music right from the studio and her acoustic show fits perfectly into a coffeehouse event. Shanice is showcasing at APCA Spring Northeast. Learn more about Shanice

Chis Scott has gained a lot of attention in the country music industry with his new music videos for his original songs “Work” and “Worth a Million“. Chris has a natural high-energy in his work that keeps his fans engaged and excited. His debut album is available on iTunes now. Learn More about Chris

The Lique is a hip/hop jazz band that has made a name for themselves in Las Vegas, NV. They’ve opened for Flo Rida and had a residency on the Las Vegas Strip. Their debut album, Democracy Manifest, can only be described as a multi-genre musical experience. Learn more about The Lique

Skout is an indie/folk musician with a unique style of percussive guitar work, who’s fan base continues to grow. Her popular song “Just Words” has over 350,000 listens on Spotify and her song “Old Friend” was recently featured on an episode of MTV’s Catfish. Learn more about Skout

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About Neon Music: As one of the leading agencies in the College Music Industry, Neon Entertainment has a wide variety of musicians. Our roster of artists cover genres like indie, pop, rock, a capella and everything in between. Neon Entertainment also has access to the top trending National Touring Artists. Whether you are looking for a singer/songwriter for your next coffeehouse event or a band with a lot of power, we’re here to provide you with everything you need for a successful show.

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