Fun T-Shirt Programs | Freshman Orientation Ideas

Fun T-Shirt Programs | Freshman Orientation Ideas

While most students enroll in college with the goal of achieving a degree, most of them are also there for the experience and the memories. What better way to create lasting memories than with some of our fun t-shirt programs that will give you a constant reminder every time you open your closet.  Our t-shirt programs are about more than just giving away apparel; they stand out because they’re an activity that can be enjoyed by all and will help bring groups of first-year students together. Here’s a list of our t-shirt programs that will make for great freshman orientation ideas and other on-campus social events.

Scrabble T-Shirts

What better way to instill camaraderie in a group of strangers than to have them participate in a fast-paced cooperative competition.  With our Scrabble t-shirt program, each student will get a letter and they can compete in groups to see who can physically spell out certain words the fastest.  Have teams compete by spelling out campus-specific words so they can learn about different clubs and activities while making friends along the way.

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We all know how cool tie dye shirts look, but making them yourself can also be a ton of fun.  The ability to completely personalize the color scheme and design allows everybody to fully express themselves.  Additionally, tie dying as a group activity provides an opportunity for students to get to know each other as they try to make the coolest looking shirts.

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T-Shirt Factory

Nothing says exciting campus event more than free t-shirts.  Students will flock to anything for some free merchandise, and t-shirts are at the top of their list.  Use our T-shirt Factory to get t-shirts with your own custom design and slogan. This is a great way to promote your next campus event and provide students with some awesome apparel as well.

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Airbrush Apparel

Our airbrush apparel package will always be an attention grabber.  Our talented artists can add any stylish graphics to everything from T-shirts and drawstring bags to hats and pillow cases.  Providing students with entertainment as well as customized apparel is a win-win.

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Love T’s

Seal a special bond with a group or with your significant other using Love T’s.  With a host of custom pictures, designs and text you can create fun T-shirts that will let everyone know about the people you care about.  Love T’s are perfect for Valentine’s Day events and end of the year socials so that students can encapsulate their first-year experience with the people they’re closest to.

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Who knew messing around with custom t-shirts could be so much fun.  If you’re looking for interactive freshman orientation ideas to help first-year students create lasting memories, consider checking out one or more of our awesome t-shirt programs.  Neon Entertainment T-shirt programs are not only sure to be a fun a time, but they also provide you with some cool merchandise that you can hang onto for a long time.


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