The Great Escape (Room)

The Great Escape (Room)

When planning a college campus event, it is a tough decision. What kind of events pull a diverse group of students, while keeping them entertained, and help them build connections? Are you looking for a college campus event that makes you think outside of the box? Are you trying to build a team atmosphere in your club or new student organization? Neon’s Escape Rooms are WILDLY fun, completely immersive and difficult!  They are made to stump you and require teamwork to find all the clues and solve puzzles that lead to more challenges and more conundrums. Escape Rooms are the ultimate team-building activity!Click here to read more about the benefits of Escape Rooms!

Escape Room Sizing

Neon Entertainment has multiple escape rooms that adjust to your programming needs. Whether you have a group of 5 or 100, we will bring everything you need to have a successful event. There is no need to worry about transportation costs when all students need to do is walk to an on-campus location! Plus, all we need from you is an appropriate indoor space, internet access, and power sources for each room.

Read More about our Small and Medium, and Large Group Escape Rooms Here.


A good theme can make or break an escape room. Here at Neon Entertainment, we have a variety of themes that are great for every student, staff, or attendee. For the thrill seekers: stop a zombie take over, or defuse a bomb before time runs out! Our other themes range from a secret museum challenge to trapped in a winter wonderland. We even have a Harry Potter themed room for all the muggle want-to-be wizards out there.


Escape Rooms encourage communication, creativity, goal-mindedness, and problem-solving skills. Not only do they create an engaging team-building environment, but students leave having a blast and maybe making a few new friends along the way.

Neon Entertainment can bring you the best escape rooms right to your campus! Escape Rooms are great for Summer and Fall new student orientation, residence life team building, college welcome week, corporate retreats, university homecoming, or late night programming. Planning your next campus event with Neon Entertainment has never been easier! Please call us today to book your next mobile escape room event or fill out this form!


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