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Secrets of the Museum

The limited number of participants in a traditional escape room makes it impossible for larger groups. Secrets of the Museum Escape Challenge is your solution. We bring the escape room to you for almost any size group!

You and your team enter a fake museum of natural history created by eccentric and recently deceased millionaire Oliver Bancroft. Oliver’s grandchildren want his money which is hidden and booby-trapped inside the museum. Can your team solve the riddles and recover the treasures in time?

Secrets of the Museum can be configured in different ways to give your students, employees or guests a challenge:

Mini Challenges: For more players to play, Secrets of the Museum is divided into rooms of 15 minutes each for up to 5 players. You can have 1 to 6 rooms.

Party Style: We have pioneered an open concept where mini-challenges are available on demand for your guests throughout a party or event.

Traditional Experience: The mini-rooms can be integrated into a 30 to 90-minute experience for groups of 3-10 players (max 40 players/hour).

More about the theme.


  • event must be indoors
  • Each mini-challenge needs at least 10’x10′ of space. We provide our own enclosures for the rooms to divide each challenge.
  • one 3-prong, 110-volt plug must be provided for each room (up to 6)
  • Internet access

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