5 Reasons to Have an Escape Room at Your Next Event

5 Reasons to Have an Escape Room at Your Next Event

By Kelsey Pyse

Whether you are a college student, or work for a large company, you can trust that an escape room will be a great time for everyone involved. In addition to the fact that its simply fun, there are several reasons why it is actually beneficial for your group. Neon Entertainment can provide you with a full escape room scenario, with scale-ability for large groups. If you need one room, or you need 20 different escape rooms, Neon can make it happen. Here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider an escape room for your next event!

Interactive: Escape Rooms are an interactive, unique and mentally engaging, allowing you to have fun at the same time! With a group of people you race the clock to find and solve clues together. However it’s not as easy as it sounds. Not only are you racing the 60 minute clock, you have obstacles that may pop out at you at any moment. Use your creative side and put yourself in the Sherlock Holme’s shoes to be able to solve the puzzle before time runs out.

Perfect For Team building: Having trouble with your students or employees not working well together? Or planning leadership training with your executive board before the semester begins? This is the perfect activity to build trust, get to know each other better, and be able to have fun along the way. A team will work together to find hidden clues throughout the room that will lead them to the final puzzle, the chance to escape. Team building is especially achieved when the escape room instills a horror or thrilling theme to the room. Since most people don’t enjoy scary situations the fear instilled in them helps the group work together to solve the puzzle and escape.

Offering 1 to 20 rooms that are scaled to your event: Spice up your college programs, Greek life, or office event by adding multiple escape rooms. Choose from 1 to 20 and even have different themes for each one. Arrange the level of horror in the rooms any way you desire. Don’t forget about the skill levels. Choose skill levels from easy level 1 with unlimited clues to the hard level 5 with no clues at all. Have any questions about where to have these escape rooms set up?  Take a look at our website for information and get the chance to talk to a facilitator personally.

Your Choice of Multiple Themes: After you choose how many rooms you want, now it’s time to choose the theme. Deciding on the theme for an escape room is very important, especially depending on the age of the participants who will be attending. We offer an array of different themes to choose from ranging from not that scary for a high school event, to shaking in your boots scary, which could be more geared towards a college or corporate event! Choose the theme that fits your event perfectly with our array of rooms on our website and put yourself to the test.

It’s Fun: Instead of having the same old event for your school’s orientation or office picnics every year, replace it with the most popular growing activity in the industry and add some fun with the an escape room from Neon Entertainment. Escape rooms have quickly become everyone’s new favorite activity. Work together with a team to complete the level and escape or fail, either way having escape rooms at your event is sure to be a hit and will have people talking for months!


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