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“We LOVED T Murph! He was great on stage and the students and I really liked working with him before and after the event. There are often difficulties getting to Potsdam and this time was no exception. He was able to make it part of his act which was really funny. Thanks for checking back. I’m sure we’ll be working together in the future.”

— Maureen Taylor, SUNY Potsdam

“Adam [Kario] is an amazing performer! I’m glad we were able to get him to come to EIU. He will forever be welcome at EIU! We all enjoyed Adam’s show!”

— Aaliyah Stephen, Eastern Illinois University

“How did you manage to keep our convention full of students AND their professors in stitches? Whoever said ‘You can’t please everyone’ never saw your [Adam Kario] show! Thank you!”

— Blake Lynch, RN, President, Florida Nursing Student’s Association

“Hilarious! I’m sore from laughing so hard!” [Adam Kario]

— Nick Lamberti, Emory University Goizueta Business School

“Adam Kario gives a passionate, exhilarating performance that will leave the audience astonished and captivated!”

— Daniel Kyle, Ferrum College

“I just wanted to say again that I thought that your [Alysia Wood] performance was spectacular and I’m really glad you were able to make it to Tech. I think that the things you talked about, like rape culture and mental illness stigma, are important things to talk about and let people know that it’s important to talk about them… Thank you so much again for coming to Tech!!!”

— Jalon Falconer, Arkansas Technical University

“Andy [Hendrickson] performed for over an hour keeping the large audience entertained and laughing hysterically throughout the show. Andy was very funny without being inappropriate, which everyone appreciated. He even went as far to ask prior to the show if there were topics to avoid. We plan to have Andy back again and welcome the opportunity to work with him for years to come.”

— @Chuck Lloyd, New Hampshire Institute of Technology

“Blake’s [Wexler] one of the funniest Tweeters.”

— Philadelphia Magazine

“I can’t believe there’s people who don’t know how funny Blake [Wexler] is.”

— Jordan Peele

“Everything went great with Blake [Wexler]! He was so so nice, and we had a great time with our students.”

— Megan Cranney, Chestnut Hill College

“Chad Neidt is a singer songwriter with a flair for bite-sized medleys. He knows how to pack a lot of songs into a single minute.”

— Crave Online

“YouTuber Chad Neidt is drawing attention now.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“We may have discovered the best Taylor Swift mashup to hit the internet.” [Chad Neidt]

— The Huffington Post

“Everyone had such a great time and I loved his interactions with the crowd! The audience was engaged and had a blast! Corey [Rodrigues] is perfect for a college audience.”

— Brianna Tancredi, Fairfield University

“Corey [Rodrigues] was amazing! We got the crowd there and they stayed.”

— DeAnna Hopkinson, Mohawk Valley Community College

“Corey [Rodrigues] may be the best comedian I’ve ever worked with. He researched us, his material was funny, timely and relevant to our two very different audiences and he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about being at both events. Couldn’t be happier with his performances!”

— Rick Ross, Peninsula College

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was absolutely great! He was super early and the students really enjoyed him! He was gracious enough to stay after the performance to take photos, which the students really enjoyed! He’s going to go far, what a talent!”

— Michael Fochtman, Cayuga Community College

“…the event with Derrick K went really great. The students loved him! He kept them laughing all night. He also spoke to my student coordinator before the show and gave her some advice on what it is like working with performers, that was very kind of him. He stuck around for a long time after the show and mingled with students and staff. As always, Derrick K is a great comedian to work with.”

— Molly Cole, SUNY Geneseo

“Derrick [Knopsnyder]…was a huge hit with our students and staff. He had all of us in stitches and put on a great show. We received a big thumbs up for his performance from our admissions staff, too. Thank you for suggesting him for our lineup – we will be sure to try and bring him on for future events. Please send our best and biggest thanks to Derrick – he was great!”

— Mike Ulrich, Holy Family University

“Jesse [Joyce] was awesome!! Super easy going and fun to work with. Everyone loved him. I would keep his name in our “favorites” file for future events!”University of La Verne

— Emily Destefano, University of La Verne

“If you watch any comedian’s late-night set, regardless of the show, you’ll hear some medium laughs and a lot of (likely cued) applause breaks. Toward the end, [Joe] Pera gets both the loud pop laughs and the sort between-joke rolling laughter you’d see at a real comedy show. And the laughs are truly deserved.”

— Jesse David Fox, Vulture.com

“This is the audio-visual equivalent of a glass of warm milk. Jokes aside, Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep might actually make good on its title promise.” (On Joe Pera’s Adult Swim special Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep).

— Joe Blevins, A.V. Club

“The Students loved her, and her show was empowering and side splitting” Craig Hurd-Mckenny”

— Power of One Conference

“Her [Julie Goldman] cheekiness remains balanced by strong undercurrents of humanity and self effacement”

— GO Magazine

“What could easily be spun as a conceit or gimmick turns out to be a refreshing change of pace. Defying an audience’s expectations, after all, is a classic cornerstone of comedy.” [Katie Hannigan]

— L. McCarthy, The Comedienne Project@ FrigneNYC ’15

“K-Von was excellent to work with – he was very understanding and patient with our unexpected technical difficulties, which I greatly appreciated. He was also very kind and a big hit with our audience.”

— Lisa Manuell, Moraine Park Technical College

“He [K-Von] was the funniest comedian that we have had in years…”

— Clark College

“[K-von] was wonderful! He was very professional and easy to work with. We could not have asked for a better performer.”

— Centralia College

“The event went very well. Fumi [Abe] was great, his show was very funny and he was extremely pleasant to work with. ”

— Eastern Oregon University

“Michael Dean Ester was hilarious and entertaining as usual! We love having him on our campus and plan to continue to use him!”

— Brittney L. Schlechter, Penn State University

“Last night was awesome! No matter how many times we have Michael [Dean Ester] on campus – he still makes me laugh!!! You can tell he works hard at creating new material and his message is always very powerful for the incoming students.

— Denise A. Brewer, Montana State University – Northern

“Michael [Dean Ester] was amazing. I laughed the entire time. I would recommend him to any college. He is a fun energetic performer that has a great message to students and has his own way of expressing it. ”

— Idaho State University

“Michael [Dean Ester]was one of the highlights of our regional leadership conference. I’ve had few speakers get the amount of praise he received. He’s easy to work with and he instantly connected with the students. Book him. He will add that extra touch that puts any leadership program over the top.”

— Director of Student Activities, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

“Saw your [Michael Rosman] performance yesterday at SUNY Oswego and loved it. I laughed so hard. My youngest son loved it too till you came walking across the back of the chairs towards us and he screamed “GO THE OTHER WAY!”. Lol. Best of luck in your future endeavors and hope to see your act again.”

— Parent Audience Member, Suny Oswego

“He [Mickey Housley] was probably the best comedian we have had in at least two years. Super nice guy!”

— Jeff Malloy, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

“He [Mickey Housley] was good about working with the low number 10-20 student that we had. Very personable.”

— Jason Boring, SUNY Broome Community College

“Nick Pike went great! Our students loved it! We all enjoy working with him. He is such a great guy, and very personable.”

— Marissa Connor, Edinboro University

“…Nick [Pike] was awesome…The students really enjoyed him and we had a great turnout.”

— Amy Tucker, Iowa University

“Nick [Pike] was fabulous and the audience loved him. He works so hard to put on the best show possible and he is a delight to work with.”

— Leslie Lambert, Scottsdale Insurance Company

“Inspired by her [Renee Santos] real life, Renee exposes every hilarious, messed up detail of her college journey and beyond on her path to becoming a comic.”

— HollyWoodBigFan, FanPop.com

“@RobGleeson is performing at IIT tonight!! This guy is hilarious!”

— @YoungMathGenius, llinois Institute of Technology

“Great job tonight @robgleeson!! Thanks for giving us Monmouth kiddos something to do!”

— @KillerQueenSam, Monmouth University

“Rob Gleeson rocked the stage today!!”

— @Mohannadfa, York College, Pennsylvania

“Zach [Sherwin] was AWESOME! He did a great job and was very well received by our students and campus. Lunchtime programming in the Commons can be tough but I think the show was a definite success.”

— Amy E. McPike, Delta College

“The event went really well. Everyone loved his [Zach Sherwin] performance and he was great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone”

— Elizabeth Ledvina, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

“[Zach] Sherwin came out onto the stage with a lot of energy. He went right into commenting on his surroundings, pulling material from whatever he found funny. ”

— Daily Campus, University of Connecticut

“Troy [Walker] was absolutely wonderful to have and we hope to have him again!”

— Crystal Piatt, Comedy Night at Enzo’s

“Fumi Abe and Peter were fantastic, super prompt, engaging, well received by students! Thanks so much!”

— Christine Marullo, Stony Brook University

“Blake [Wexler] was great. He was punctual, engaged with the crowd and genuinely a pleasure to speak with. Although we had a relatively small crowd, he worked the room well and adapted as necessary. I would recommend him to other colleges and universities!”

— Penn State University – Harrisburg

“In planning a Retreat for medical professionals in recovery, we came across a YouTube video of Andy Gold. When we stopped laughing he was hired. Andy not only tailored his performance to be specific to the group, he also humbled himself to spend time with everyone in an AA meeting and overall fellowship. He was hysterically funny sharing personal experiences and life situations! Everyone loved him with a request to even have him return! He is worth his weight in gold and ended up being an inspiration to those who attended. If you are looking for a funny comedian who is real, he’s your guy. “

— Carolyn Westgate, Program Director, Professionals’ Health Program Kansas Medical Society

“Andy [Gold] did very well and was well received. Thank you so much!”

— Jessie F., Area 63 Spring Conference

“As the entertainment chair for the Conference I received many compliments on Andy’s [Gold] performance. I received numerous calls and text messages today. Thank you for working with us, it was a pleasure to meet Andy and hear his performance.”

— Wayne W., Area 63 Spring Conference

“Andy Gold was very easy to work with and the crowd loved him.”

— Laurie F., Cornerstone

“We had a blast on Saturday night and Andy [Gold] was awesome!!!! I am so glad you recommended him to us. “

— Denise H., The RASE Project

“The deliciously cringe-worthy style of Anthony Jeselnik” [Ben Rosenfeld]


“[Ben] Rosenfeld is skillful in taking taking dark, horrible situations and finding the silver lining by making the audience laugh.

— The Laugh Button

“If you’re into Saturday Night Live you would definitely like this album.” [Ben Rosenfeld]

— The Daily Targum (Rutgers University Newspaper)

“Think the humor of H. Jon Benjamin, if he was living in a frozen city where one consistently expects terrible things to happen.” [Ben Rosenfeld]

— Fan Girl Nation

“Smart and dark; “nerdy ‘n dirty” … never fails to deliver a pungent point wrapped in a package of prescient, international snark.” [Ben Rosenfeld]

— Rise Up and Write

“Ben [Rosenfeld]is a rising star on the comedy circuit! He has an extremely promising career ahead of him in the entertainment field. Be one of the first to “discover” him.”

— Applause! Applause!

“The entire audience was laughing and he was too – it’s refreshing to see a performer still having fun on stage doing what they love. I was at NACA this past year, where we first saw T-Murph, and I’m glad we ended up bringing him to our campus. He interacted with the guests during show, but he’s one of the few that stuck around after on his own accord. OU students formed a line to talk to him about his journey, take selfies, and simply just to say hi.”

— Oakland University

“He [T Murph] was excellent! Seriously, perfect for a Family Weekend show. It was the right level of humor for the crowd. I think he enjoyed himself too, as I heard him say “That was the best family weekend performance I had!” We have 170+ people in the audience, which is a massive turnout for a school with 1,650 students.”

— Kevin M. Carey, Wittenberg University

“It went WONDERFULLY! The students loved it! He [T Murph] was so professional, just a great guy all around. And the DJ he brought along was also wonderful, what a great addition! Thanks for the recommendation- would definitely book again!”

— Notre Dame College

“Both shows went great, we had a full house for the second show and about 75% full for the first show. Students and family members loved the show. We had a quite a few people stay after the shows to take pictures and chat with T Murph. He was a pleasure to work with. Let me know if you have any further questions. “

— University of Dayton

“It all was awesome! Thanks again for helping us out, Rob [Gleeson] is always perfect for Homecoming/Family Weekend!”

— Vicky Sokolowski, Cazenovia College

“He [T Murph] was great! Students loved him. We will certainly look to have him back.”

— Niagara University

“Mickey [Housley] was fantastic. There was a group of 45 students at this event (which is larger than I expected) and he killed it. I had students on the floor literally rolling around laughing (I obviously have some dramatic students). Thank you for the suggestion and getting him to Blackburn!”

— Blackburn College

“He [Derrick Knopsnyder] was very funny and easily relatable to all of the students who have attended. His jokes were not only funny, but they also taught valuable lessons about life and how to deal with certain situations. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a great comedian.”

— Gwendolyne Brown, College of Staten Island-CUNY

“She [Renee Santos] was super easy to work with & the students had a great time”

— Jennifer Evans, Lebanon Valley College

“Derrick’s [Knopsnyder] show went well! He’s very easy to work with and the students always love his shows. He spends a lot of time before and after he’s on stage chatting with students (program board members and audience) which they really appreciate.”

— Union College

“We really enjoy Mickey [Housley]! Both he and his wife were very nice to talk to also.”

— Chad Long, Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus

“Comedy Gold” [Gianmarco Soresi]

— StageBuddy

“Hilarious” [Gianmarco Soresi]

— Broadway World

“A master of storytelling and parody, [Gianmarco] Soresi uses his Italian sternness and his Jewish guilt to walk his audiences through the most shamelessly embarrassing stories, nonchalantly delivering punch lines while you cry from laughter.”

— Stellar Underground

“Effervescent energy!” [Gianmarco Soresi]

— Theatre is Easy

“Immediately lightens up the crowd with his [Gianmarco Soresi] energy and enthusiasm.”

— Onstage

“Amazing! We had a packed house of 650 + students and they loved him! Very impressed with Marc [LaMotte]!”

— K. McCasian, Lander University

“Still blown away by how good Marc [LaMotte] was last night! What an amazing way to kick off this semester.”

— S. Dorman, University of West Florida

“Marc LaMotte = AWESOME.”

— B. Lewis, University of West Florida

“Marc [LaMotte] was hilarious and I now know what sound an owl makes.”

— A. Patton, Eglin Air Force Base

“It’s only a matter of time before he [Marc LaMotte] blows up.”

— K. Taylor, University of Georgia

“Marc [LaMotte] was entertaining and appropriate, which can be hard to find these days in a college-humor comic.”

— B. Woodard, East Carolina University

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was phenomenal. Our students enjoyed his show, his relatability and his personality. Our student hosts raved how great he was to work with and was genuinely great to be around. I believe he enjoyed his experience as well. Thank you again for everything you do!”

— University of Akron

“Derrick’s [Knopsnyder] show was great, and he was so interactive with the students and people who came to his performance. He also was extremely excited and happy to be on campus, which rubbed off onto the students who were in attendance, making his show even better! We…thought his performance was great here!”

— Edinboro University

“Honestly, he [T Murph] was one of the best comedians we have had on campus in my 6 years here. He was engaging, able to read the crowd and adjusted as needed. Comedians rarely go over well here to the point students have discussed not bringing them, but this performance changed their mind. I truly appreciate his show, professionalism and his ability to get the students engaged in what he was saying.”

— Moraine Park Technical College

“Rob [Gleeson] was a huge hit with our students. We were extremely happy to have him. We hope to have him back in the future!”

— Illinois State University

“Katie [Hannigan] really played off of the audience and got them involved. I thought it was a nice way to destress from a very long week!”

— Gettysburg College

“He [Alex Babbitt] has great energy and the campus thought he did a really good job. I liked how he related the content to us at times.”

— SUNY Clinton Community College

“He [Alex Babbitt] was great to work with and stayed after to talk with students and take pictures with them.”

— Tompkins Cortland Community College

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was great and the students loved him!”

— Ryan Day, Long Island University

“Everything went great!!…T Murph was amazing and those that did attend had an awesome time. Thank you so much!!”

— Herkimer County Community College

Loved it!

— John Lewis, Alfred University

“As always [Michael Dean Ester] was great!!!! He is a big staple to our welcome weekend every year!”

— Felicia Nelson, Penn State University – Berks

“[Free Money Game Show] was absolutely amazing! We had over 200 students attend and everyone who attended absolutely loved the show, games, and host! Adam is always amazing and I love his energy. We will definitely have him back to campus this Fall and Spring!”

— Andrees D. Rivers, Neumann University

“Gianmarco did a great show and was a hit with our students.”

— Jason Enser, Vermont Technical College

“Great crowd, several of them stayed afterward to get pictures and speak with Derrick [Knopsnyder]. He was great to work with as always.”

— Clark Tieman, Penn State University – Behrend

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was FANTASTIC and did a great job. The kids really seemed to enjoy it too, and were playing along the whole evening. Thank you for your help in pulling off my first late night event with a SUCCESS!”

— Deb Lerchen, Penn State University – Harrisburg

“Everything went really well! As always, Michael [Dean Ester] was a big hit and that is so important because he is the first event, the kick-off to orientation.”

— Billie B. Eaves, Washington & Jefferson College

“[The Free Money Game Show] was fantastic!… the students were super into it and really enjoyed themselves!”

— Pace University

“The [Free Money] game show was an absolute hit! Adam was so engaging, people stayed the entire time. They were having such a good time that he ran the show a little long which was a great call. I think the fact that anyone in the audience could have a chance at any time was a huge draw as well.”

— Alicia Berry, Franklin Pierce University

“[Free Money Game Show] was a blast! Our students had so much fun, got very into the show. Loading and set up was a breeze. Greatly appreciate all of Adam’s enthusiasm and spirit!”

— Mary Frac, Saint Bonaventure University

“The only way Katie K won’t end up on SNL is if they give her her own show..”

— Cameron Louis, Executive Producer iHeartMedia Los Angeles

“Katie [Kusiciel] has an infectious energy in any room and kills crowds with her genuine roller coaster of emotion! She’s the easiest to work with and undeniably funny.”

— Lisa Sundstedt, Laugh Factory

“Katie [Kusiciel] is super easy to work with and lights up every room she walks into! We love having her back every year!”

— Hillary Hutson, Big Pine Comedy Festival

“While watching Katie [Kusiciel]’s comedy I laughed so hard and completely related because of my own struggles as a broke millennial. I love that her jokes are unique and I’ve never heard anything like them before.”

— Courtney McNulty, Sony Pictures TV

“Alex [Babbitt] was one of the best performers I have ever seen. He was absolutely hilarious! Our president was at the show as well and she said he was phenomenal!”

— Vermont Technical College

“[The event] went great! The room was crowded and so many students told me they want to bring [Derrick Knopsnyder] back! He was wonderful to work with!”

— Trisha Temple, Pennsylvania College of Technology

“Our event was a huge success! We had a turn out of about 400 students/staff/faculty, and everyone really enjoyed Total Team Trivia. Brian also did a wonderful job as emcee and game show host.”

— Kate Walker, Total Team Trivia

“Free Money Game Show, Laser Tag and Mini Golf were all very successful events at our Halloween Spooktacular… Our students loved the variety of events and were very pleased. We appreciate how easy it was to work with you/Neon and look forward to working with you in the future.”

— Drake University

“[Fumi Abe] did AMAZING! I got such positive and good feedback from students and staff. With it being the week before finals, he did an amazing job at getting the audience involved and laughing their stress off. He was so nice and a joy to work with. Thank you for supporting us and helping us create an awesome show!”

— Randi Holguin, University of the Pacific

“[What’s The Lyric?] went great! Keith was very nice and did a awesome job.”

— Victoria Johnson, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University

“[Free Money Game Show] was awesome!!! The kids had an absolute blast and begged to have it on campus again.”

— Erin Davey, The Williston Northampton School

“The [game show] was a success and went very smoothly Saturday night despite the snow! Adam was very accommodating to the weather and put on a great show. We will definitely be in touch for any future game show type events down the line.”

— Bella Zaccardi, Assumption College

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was amazing! Everyone loved him!”

— David Lewis, University of Southern Maine

“The [Free Money] game show went great! We have not done an event like this before so it was great to watch the students react well to it. The host was awesome and very interactive.”

— Michelle Frizzell, UMass Lowell

“The [Free Money Game Show] went great!… all [the students] stayed the entire time. The students were very excited and made for an enthusiastic crowd. As always, Adam was a fantastic host and was able to manage the sometimes too enthusiastic crowd very well… many students have already asked when the next time the game show will be back.”

— Nathan Emery, Fitchburg State University

“The students loved the Showbiz Quiz. I heard nothing but great things about the event! Thank you!”

— Charles Norman, Penn State University – Abington

“The [Free Money] game show was great! [The students] all seemed to have a great time. Adam was great to work with, very easy going and accommodating.”

— Stacy Ploskonka, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

“Adam’s performance was A++++! We had a really great turnout and the students love Adam and the [Free Money] game show.”

— Frank Vino, Suffolk County Community College

“[Alex Babbitt] was absolutely fantastic they were amazing to work with. A great show.”

— Carmine Biancamano, Drew University

“[The Free Money Game Show] was an amazing event. We had just over 100 students and got great feedback from everyone.”

— David Lewis, University of Southern Maine

“[The Pop-Up Game Show] was great! The students absolutely loved it, and asked if we could have it back for future events.”

— Logan Gee, Nazareth College

“The [Free Money] game show was great. The students were super engaged. Adam was a great host as always! We really enjoyed it!”

— Charles Norman, Penn State University – Abington

“The event was fantastic last night…. People were in stitches. Derrick [Knopsnyder] was great to work with.”

— Megan Hotaling, New England College

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was fantastic! The students really enjoyed him and were very engaged throughout his whole set! We really enjoyed working with him and would book him again!”

— Julia Romano, Iona College

“[Free Money Game Show] was absolutely perfect, everyone was saying what a great time they had. I want to thank you very much for everything you do to make our outing a great success.”

— Laura Richard, Sunrise FS

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was an absolute joy to have on campus!…His performance was hilarious and the students and community really enjoyed him.”

— Connor Delaney, Colby Sawyer College

“[Derrick Knopsnyder] went great, thanks! The students really enjoyed his set and it made for a great event. Thanks again!”

— Marissa Theriault, Mount Saint Mary College

“As usual, Derrick [Knopsnyder] arrived early and was interacting with the students as he sat up the [Drop Game Show]. He knows the venue and just went to town making it his own. The students loved it!! It was great, so easy for me and entertaining for the students. A hit!!!”

— Stephanie Fiely, University of Pittsburgh – Titusville

“[Playlist Bingo] was well received with the crowd singing along to every song they recognized. [The host] was very engaging and the crowd enjoyed his energy.”

— Amanda Idienumah, D’Youville College

“Fumi [Abe] was great! We had a great night.”

— Makayla Propst, El Camino College

Derrick was amazing! He was funny, on point with our students and very open to interacting with them after the show. I would HIGHLY recommend him to others looking for a comedian!!

— Michael F. Shewmaker, Norwich University

“Kristen Becker was exactly what our campus needed for a comedy show! Kristen was charismatic and entertaining the moment she stepped onto campus. The show had everyone in attendance rolling with laughter and amusement. She was able to engage with students throughout the show. Kristen Becker was a great choice! The process to bring Kristen to Emory & Henry College was easy and enjoyable. In addition to the ease of the hiring process, Kristen was easy to communicate with the days prior and of the show. Kristen was able to provide comedy that fit what we wanted and what we needed!”

— Emory & Henry College

“A cleverly dark tapestry of jokes… packed with humorously thought-provoking moments.”

— Comedy Cake

“A shroud of joke bits woven into a heavy cloak of black comedy that simultaneously weighs you down and gives you hope.”

— The Family Farce

“Continuously clever cocktails of dry wit… takes us on a journey through absurdly sick premises and sharp punchlines.”

— Rise Up and Write

“A poster boy for his émigré generation.”

— The NY Jewish Week

“Ben can communicate his superior intelligence, mock you, bring your political and social and relational discomforts right to the surface, and become your friend, all in the space of a few lines of setup and payoff.”

— Seth Kabala

“The show with Ryan Kelly went extremely well this past weekend. The crowd really enjoyed his show, and it was great talking to him before and after the show. We would love to have him back in the future if an opportunity ever arises.”

— Jalen Smalls, Austin Peay State University

Sunny Laprade honed her stand-up routine as a teenage comic in the conservatively red Allegany County of New York State. Sunny’s journey is filled with comedy (and vulnerability) in overcoming SMALL mindedness and embracing BIG changes. Since hitting the NYC comedy scene, Sunny has found her voice as a refreshingly irreverent and daring truth teller.

— Dan Napolitano, DSA, Alfred University