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“The students who attended loved Adam [Day]! It was a smaller event, but I heard really great things. As always, he was another one of your artists that was great to work with.”

— Cailtlyn Houlihan, Mount St. Mary College

“Adam Day was wonderful and all of us thoroughly enjoyed his music. What a great guy!”

— Lisa Willcockson, Mount Marty College

“Aryk Crowder was awesome! Super friendly put on a phenomenal show and interacted with the crowd. The students also loved him. He was also great to work with. I would highly recommend him for any school who are looking at booking Aryk!”

— University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

“Everything went very well with Aryk [Crowder]! He was great to work with and everybody really enjoyed him…he is extremely talented and an overall great performer.”

— Kali Brockett, University of Nevada, Reno

“Everything went swimmingly. The performance was great. He [Dave Patten] was super easy to work with and a great performer.”

— Bradley Smith, Albright College

“[G] Yamazawa was great and even got a standing ovation for his performance. He stayed and spoke with students for at least 45 minutes after the performance. He is a wonderful and powerful poet and performer. We definitely look forward to working with him again. He is just Phenomenal”

— Moise St. Louis, Saint Michael’s College

“The event was amazing– G [Yamazawa] was great as usual. We actually had a group of high schoolers on campus with admissions that were able to come to the performance and they really enjoyed it as well.”

— Gillian Mak, Hamilton College

“G [Yamazawa] was amazing and incredibly nice and inviting. He made all of the guest feel welcomed and created long lasting connections. Would love to have him back on campus in the future!”

— Yuliana Ambriz, University of Washington-Tacoma

“With this much talent and A level a cappella pedigree, Hive was already the next big thing before they even sang a note.“

— Deke Sharon, Pitch Perfect, The Sing-Off

“Dope, tight harmonies that are missing in today’s modern a cappella sound- HIVE SLAYS”

— VJ Rosales, The Filharmonic, The Riff-Off

“Thank you [Todd Carey] again for putting on such a great show for us. As an event planner, nothing spells success like having a full house, students staying to talk with the artist and smiling faces as they leave. I really appreciate your professionalism, courteousness, and showmanship that went into making this event such a winner for [us].”

— Manat Wooten, Hollins University

“The students were asking for him to come back before he’d [Todd Carey] even left campus!”

— Meg Cranney, Chestnut Hill College

“There was an awesome turnout and he [Todd Carey] had some loyal fans from the university and from out of town there supporting him. He was so nice and we really enjoyed working with him.”

— Kali Brockett, University of Nevada, Reno

“Jake [Robertson] was a hit! …Everyone raved about him, not just his music, but his personality. He spent time with the students before and after and did autographs on CDs for everyone. I’d like to take a look at his band. we have a spring weekend event…and I think the students would like to see Jake back.”

— Mike Goodwin, Southern Vermont College

“Jake [Robertson] was very receptive to the students and they thoroughly enjoyed the program!”

— Deborah Prutsman, Corning Community College

“Everything went well with the event and he was great to work with! The crowd really enjoyed his music and he was very interactive with the crowd. I have enjoyed working with you and Jake [Robertson]!!”

— Allison Kuzora, Penn State University – Behrend

“Jim [Wolf] was absolutely amazing. He exceeded all my expectations. Along with sounding wonderful, he was very friendly and his stage presence and interaction with the audience was great.”

— Ghazal Mizrahi

“The event went very well. Jim [Wolf] is a pleasure to work with. The students really enjoyed his performance. At these events we often have trouble getting students to react to performers but Tuesday night that was not a problem. Jim is great at engaging with the students and the majority of the night was full of applause (which unfortunately is rare) and students singing along to his performance.”

— @Collen Anastasi, East Stroudsburg University

“It [Silent Disco] was a huge hit!! The students seemed to enjoy it and it brought out students that do not normally attend events.”

— Meghan L’Huillier, Jefferson Community College

“Lijie’s performance was stellar. Lijie’s professionalism, talent, and extremely accommodating demeanor left a favorable impression. [She] is an amazing talent, and we were so happy to host someone who is definitely an up and coming artist.”

— Manat Wooten, Hollins University

“Everything went great with the performance last night! We were unable to find the right cable to hook up some of Lijies equipment…she still did not hesitate to put on a great show. Lijie is a pleasure to work with and there was a great turn out of students especially considering the weather we were expecting. Thank you for providing us with a great night of entertainment.”

— Colleen Anastasi, East Stroudsburg University

“The students LOVED Mikki [Hommel]! We have received several emails from students asking when we will be bringing her back.”

— Chelsea Harris, Ball State

“She [Mikki Hommel] was one of the most unique performers I believe we’ve had thus far at the event series and really entertained and engaged the crowd. Overall it was a wonderful event thanks to her and a pleasure for everyone here to work with!”

— Kristine Eskridge, Frostburg State University

“…Mikki [Hommel] was by far my favorite performer we have had all semester! Her voice and songs are absolutely breathtaking, yet so powerful and I loved how to wasn’t shy and talked and joked with u[s]…Mikki went as far to do three improv songs by asking for suggestions from the audience which have never had happen!! We would absolutely book Mikki again!!!!”

— Hanna Chambers, Adelphi University

“The event [Silent Disco] was amazing, very easy to run and the students absolutely love it!!! We will definitely have it again!”

— Union College

“The event went really well it was kind of smaller than expected. However, Nico [Franc] was a huge hit and Clarion would really love to have him back to perform. Thank you so much for working with me and the rest of our UAB members here at Clarion!”

— Clarion University

“Shanice [Green] was so nice and welcoming, our students enjoyed her performance! We ran the event in a way where students acted as Shanice’s opener…When Shanice was on stage, she encouraged the students to participate in a “jam session” with her. At one point in time, there was a student with a ukelele, one on the piano, another with a flute, and another with a clarinet all playing along with her on stage… Basically, the students in attendance really enjoyed themselves.”

— Ruth Ann Roberts, Holy Family University

“Silent Disco is literally the best! We’re definitely putting it on the calendar for the fall of 2019.”

— Gonzaga University

“Our students loved Nico [Franc]! They shared he was polite, personable, and really engaged the audience. We hope the experience was just as enjoyable for him.”

— University of St. Francis

“The event went well, and the silent disco was a big hit! This was the first time we brought such activity to UW, so the students had nothing but good things to say about it. We will definitely be considering bringing silent disco back in the future. Thank you for all of your help!”

— Amanda Kuster, University of Wyoming

“Everything about Nico’s [Franc] performance went great! We were happy to work with him.”

— Westminster College

“It went great. Nico was very flexible and easy to work with.”

— Monmouth College

J8ke was awesome! So professional and fun to work with.

— George Kuntz, Elmira College

J8KE was AMAZING! He is a very talented musician that plays a balance between today’s hits and popular throwbacks. J8KE was also very adaptable and accommodating to us which was very helpful with our last minute changes. We definitely recommend bringing J8KE to your institution.

— Tom Ball, Dean College

“[The Silent Dance Party] was fantastic! It was our largest event yet!”

— Ally Brusseau, Arizona State University

“Nico [Franc] was great. We really enjoyed having him here.”

— Oakland University

“Everything went great! [Lance and Lea] were awesome to work with and the crowd enjoyed it!”

— Jordan Blad, Brigham Young University

“Everything went great! [The Silent Disco is] very easy to use and the students really loved it, we were packed!”

— Lorena Silva, Syracuse University

“We heard great reviews from the students that the show was great and in particular that Todd [Carey] was very engaging and interactive. Everyone spoke very highly of the performance.”

— Ryan Day, Long Island University

“[Emily Earle] was very nice and easy to work with. Plus, she had an easy set-up that was no problem to accommodate and her performance was great.”

— Evan L. Fossen, Fairmont State University

“The headphones were a HUGE hit! The students had such a blast and he said the event was top notch and super easy.”

— E-Town

“Scott Celani was an absolute pleasure to work with (again). He put on a wonderful show… those of us in attendance had a great time!”

— Joshua Drahos, Munson Williams Proctor Institute

“[Silent Disco] went great! The company is always easy to work with and the students had an awesome time.”

— Michael Paglicci, Daemen College

“The event went really well. Todd [Carey] was a very great personality and person to work with!”

— Bradley Branson, Sheridan College

“Nico [Franc] was awesome! He was very easy to work with, a great performer, & everyone loved him!”

— Brandon Schmidt, University of St. Thomas

“[Shanice Green] went very well. Crowd built up as the show came around. She is very personable and had folks come up to sing with her. She has a great voice. Thanks so much!”

— Larry Mannolini, SUNY Delhi

“Lijie was a very wonderful person to meet and conversate with. She really connected with a certain group of students and they had a great time.”

— Bradley Branson, Sheridan College

“It went really smoothly, all things considered. I had 2 groups of students, 11 all together, sign up ahead of time and all show up to the zoom on time. The music was cool, some of the girls were dancing and they all seemed to be chatting via phone, but on mute. She had enough time to draw me and my husband. So that was fun. She did a great job considering what she was working with!”

— Marcie Wistar, Director of Student Activities, The Hotchkiss School

“The event was awesome! We had a really great time with the event! I’m really glad we chose to go with that option.”

— Kennedy King College

“From what I hear the students loved [Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition]! I popped in for a few minutes and it looked really fun… [the presenter] had great energy. Will definitely keep this one in our pocket in the event we’re still online in the fall.”

— Adelphi University

“[Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition] went amazing again! I have access to a bunch of other events Neon does so I will pass that along for future events we may plan for the fall/spring.”

— Western Connecticut State University

“The students I’ve spoken to all agreed [Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition] was very well-run and fun! This is something we might consider into the summer, as well.”

— Penn State University-The Behrend College

“[Big Heads & Beats] was great! She was so awesome to work with and the students had a great response. Is this something that will be offered next year?”

Neon Staff Note: “Yes, we will be offering this for the future!”

— Lake Superior State University

“Last nights event went great! I think the host said there were close to 200 students which is a great turnout. My e-board and I have been discussing bringing [Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition] back again because of how great it was”

— Western Connecticut State University

“{Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition] went great! The students loved it and were so surprised to see Derrick hosting!”

— Springfield College

“[Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition] was another successful event. Went great. Thanks again! The students love these events so much.”

— Mount Saint Mary College

“Playlist Bingo was such a hit! Everyone really loved the music and the host was so interactive and funny. Thanks so much for everything with that! I think it definitely brought some positivity to our class while we’ve all been so down about our senior year being cut short.”

— Niagara University

“The event went smoothly! We had about as many students as I expected show up and the artist was really nice and fun to work with and her artwork was great. Thank you for getting us in touch with her and helping us turn our event into something students could do virtually.”

— University of Wyoming

“I wanted to thank you both for the Playlist Bingo production – it was a huge hit with our students! Our Student Activities Board had a lot of fun playing along and noted that many students reached out to them throughout the game about how much fun they were having. We will definitely be in touch about doing Bingo again or another game show.”

— Seton Hall University

“Our students really loved Playlist Bingo! One student sent me this email afterward, ‘This was awesome!! Would definitely love to do this again! Thank you for keeping school fun while we are away!'”

— University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

“This event was so much fun! I talked to the students and they loved it as well!”

— Residence Life Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

“Austin [Willacy] is a great performer and he did an excellent job engaging students.”

— University of Saint Thomas-Twin Cities

“The Live Band Karaoke was so unique our students loved it! Scott was awesome and super engaging and wow what a voice!”

— Amanda Matarese, Fisher College