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“If you’re looking for a talented young entertainer who will work his tail off for you, to make your event a hit, make you look good, and give you the most bang for your budget, then you definitely need to book Brian Ledbetter”

— Patrick Slusher, President, US Attractions, Olympia, WA

“His show is rated number one in both attendance and response from our guests. If you are looking for a “How-did-he-do-that” show that will leave your audience wanting more, then I believe Brian Ledbetter is the man for the job.”

— Steve Honeycutt, General Manager, Magic Springs Theme Park, Hot Springs, AR

“Brian Ledbetter is one of the most professional performers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Aside from his professionalism, he is a truly wonderful entertainer enjoyed by young and old alike. He broke the box office records for our theatre!”

— Susan Herrick, President, Skagit Arts Theatre, Anacortes, WA

“I heard many students today tell me that this was the best after school activity we’ve had since they’ve been here” [Jon Wayes]

— Tim Wicklund, Midwinter Organizer

“He [Joseph Reohm] was funny, engaging and interacted well with our mix of college students and community members. His illusions were new and mind blowing.”

— Jeremiah Johnson, Peninsula College

“…we could not have been more pleased with Joseph [Reohm] the magician!! He was an excellent entertainer and carried himself in an extremely professional manner. We look forward to having him back!”

— Student Activities Board, Idaho State University

“Joseph [Reohm] was a pleasure to work with! We had a high attendance for this event because everyone was eager to see someone who has so much experience!”

— Jenna Bobroski, Idaho State University

“As always Keith [Karkut] was amazing and the kids loved him. We look forward to having him back next year.”

— Michelle Simpson, Mercyhurst University

“Overall, we had an absolutely spectacular night with Keith [Karkut]. There were lots of students and their families in attendance, and Keith did a great job of including as many people as possible. We actually ended up with 28 people up on stage being hypnotized, and it was a blast.”

— Harry Shafer, Wyoming Seminary

“Everything was great, we had a huge attendance, 1726 students!”

— Caitlyn Walsh, Eastern Kentucky University

“It was FABULOUS! I was so impressed as were the students.”

— Eileen A. Piccininni, Dominican College

“As always Keith was amazing and the kids loved him. We look forward to having him back next year.”

— Michelle Simpson, Mercyhurst University

“It went fantastically. We booked Larry [Volz] after our normal hypnotist was snatched up by another school, and we weren’t sure we were going to like someone new, but he was great. Easy to work with and students enjoyed the show.”

— Beth Bouchard, Bucknell University

“Larry [Volz] was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was low-maintenance, very much on time (early, in fact!), friendly to talk to, and was an all-around enjoyable act to watch. Many students thought this was the coolest possible thing because it was different than any performances they had seen at other events. Acts like Larry make my job even more enjoyable because I get to enjoy the show without worry/hesitation.”

— Lorraine Briggs, Genesee Community College

“Michael [C Anthony] is incredible and it was a huge hit. So many students came up to me and thanked me for booking him! 10/10 and I would have him back in a heartbeat!”

— Erin Riordan-Dye, Marietta College

Everything went really well with Michael [C Anthony]. You and he are extremely easy to work with, so we appreciate that on top of his great performance!

— Jenna Heilman, Iowa State University

As an observer of Michael [C Anthony] ‘s Mental Game Show, you just may come away believing that, not only can he read minds, but he can make an audience member read minds. This is a fantastically entertaining, mind-blowing, interactive show that college students will surely enjoy. A must see.”

— Colgate University

“…Micheal [C Anthony] was great…The mentalism stuff and tricks could not be matched.”

— David Garsow, Iowa State University

“Working with him [Paul Ramsay] was an absolute pleasure and a very easy process. He was timely and incredibly flexible with both performance time as well as venue and equipment. He goes above and beyond to interact with our students and staff which contributes to his extraordinary rapport and our continued desire to bring him back to campus.”

— Emily Briggs, Western Michigan University

“Honestly, Paul [Ramsay] is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and he killed it last night. I couldn’t believe how much fun the students had! Paul is incredibly funny and down to Earth, and his show is unique! Program Council usually keeps hypnotists on rotation for each year, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard them talking about bringing someone back for a consecutive year. EXCELLENT program!”

— Jeff Smith, Salem State University

“I wanted to take a moment to say how much we LOVED Paul [Ramsay]. There are probably not enough words to express how wonderful his show was. Students were engaged and excited the whole show. This morning (the day after ) the campus was a buzz of stories and laughter about the show. “

— Midland University

“Mind Games was AMAZING. We had a great turn out and Paul [Ramsay] was really fun to work with! The students really enjoyed the interactive aspect with the remotes, and it was definitely one of our most well attended Welcome Weekend events in the past few years.”

— Mitchell College, Illinois Institute of Technology

“The show [Mind Games] was fantastic! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had probably about 100 students there, and they loved the entire thing. We really can’t thank Paul [Ramsay] enough, and are already starting to think ahead to bringing him back next year!”

— Harry Shafer, Wyoming Seminary

“Michael [ C Anthony] was absolutely incredible and we had a packed house!!! You made the process so easy to bring him to campus. Please share with him that our students are still talking about the event today!”

— Melissa Peters, Melissa Peters

“During a time when first year students are uneasy about making friends, adjusting to college, and getting to know each other; Brian [Ledbetter] was able to bring them together through illusions! Students were consistently asking where to finding the roving mentalist at our Create your Own Adventure Event during Welcome Week at Temple University, and they were not disappointed when they found him. We could not have asked for a better addition to our event than Brian!”

— Mat Greer, Temple University

“The show went very smoothly and Brian’s [Ledbetter] show was awesome! The crowd really enjoyed it and I loved how interactive he was with the audience. Everything he did shocked individuals in the audience. It was a pleasure having him on campus! Always a pleasure working with you guys! “

— Penn State University – Behrend

“Brian [Ledbetter] did a great job and everyone enjoyed the show, they were even still talking about it the next day. Great crowd-about 150 students and parents. He’s a really nice guy and I spent some time talking with him before and after the show. I would definitely have him back.”

— Misericordia University

“Brian Ledbetter’s performance for SpikeNites at Gonzaga University was absolutely mind-blowing! Mr. Ledbetter was amicable with our staff, as well as, very adaptable amidst our unexpected lower turn-out. His adaptability truly shined through his ability to engage the crowd and provide an exceptional performance. We had many students leaving the show awe-struck and sharing the events on social media! It would be a pleasure to host Brian Ledbetter for future events at Gonzaga University.”

— Gonzaga University

“He [Joseph Reohm] was great! Would welcome back in a heartbeat!”

— Monmouth College

“Joseph Reohm is a sick magician.”

— Skrillex