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“He [Brian Miller] was GREAT! We will definitely be reaching out to book him again. The students were so engaged that they weren’t even on their cell phones (that is saying a lot!!).”

— Katie Zakreski, Marianapolis Preparatory School

“Brian [Miller] uses the perfect combination of magic, music, illusion, and education to create an overall astounding show. A top notch performer that is very easy to work with.”

— Jacob Hanley, Carroll College

“We use an app to track attendance and provide feedback, and our students rated the event at a 4.8 out of 5, and one student left this message on the event page, “It was great! He was incredibly entertaining and included the audience, which was really nice to have. 10/10 would love to see something like this again!” Another said “It was unlike any magic show I had ever seen. We should bring him [Brian Miller] back again.”

— Collin Glasow, Bay Path College

“You made an instant connection with the audience and delivered difficult content in a manner that was relatable and not preachy. What I appreciate about the program [Zero Shades] is that it cuts through the “clutter” of Title IX, VAWA, Cleary, etc. and provides the audience with a clear message… Feedback from students was positive and appreciative of both the information and the manner in which it was delivered. Thanks so much for being such a great educational partner!”

— Chris Jachimowicz, Millersville University

“Zero Shades is an amazing program! We cannot imagine the Big E Welcome [for 2,000 students] without it. You helped us give our students exactly what we needed to give them. It also started a great conversation with our intervention team staff (the police, counseling center, advisors, etc.) to prevent assaults from happening. Nothing but good things to say!”

— The Intervention Team, Eastern Kentucky University

“Brian [Miller] is hands down one of the best performers to work with. Truly amazing and hilarious, he was like nothing we had ever seen before.”

— New Jersey Institute of Technology

“As an orientation professional for over 15 years, Get A Life is pertinent, engaging, high-energy, and every incoming student should experience it.”

— Greg Overend, University of New Haven

“Not only was Brian [Miller] incredibly easy to work with, but actually took time to talk to students before and after the show. Our students loved his show. The students and I were amazed by his tricks. It’s hard to relate to the new generation of students on college campuses but Brian made it so relatable. Would absolutely recommend bringing Brian onto your campus.”

— Gregory Pateras, Saint Mary of the Woods

“Brian Miller was wonderful! We brought Brian to campus as part of our leadership series. He thoroughly engaged the audience not just with his magic (which they loved!) but also with his message. We were looking for something different, something that was more interactive, and Brian was perfect!”

— Monroe Community College-Brighton

“As Shaun performs, while we have a small crowd, I wanted to let you know Shaun is incredible, he is powerful, insightful, true and real. I dont know how to put on paper and into words to convince more people to have him perform and spread his word…simply great. Thank you for working so hard to make this date work.”

— Rutgers University

“Brian Miller was a crowd favorite. Not only did he perform for our students he went to our Cafeteria and performed teasers before the show. He stayed afterwards and spoke to our students and performed more magic tricks. He was kind, pleasant, and professional. We are a small institution and he was willing to work with our space for the show. He was overall great!”

— Makenzie Tompkins, Notre Dame De Namur University

“Brian [Miller] did an amazing job! He was very inspirational and the show was a great way to kick off the day! Everyone was engaged and very enthusiastic about how he related his performance to how we can engage with those around us. It was a show that will be memorable for all those in attendance!”

— Nursing Students’ Association of New York State

“Shaun Boothe did an exceptional job bringing Black History Month to South Dakota State University! He is an extremely knowledgeable and talented individual and his work is beyond remarkable! The Unauthorized Biography Series is a definite ‘must watch’ and should be shared on all colleges and universities!”

— Dr. Florencio U. Aranda III (Program Advisor for Latino/a/x Multicultural Affairs), South Dakota State University

“Everything went very well – Brian [Miller] is a true pro! Students responded very well to his message and we will certainly explore options to bring him back again next fall as part of our ‘Welcome Week’ program.”

— SUNY Cortland

“The event with Shaun [Boothe] was great…Shaun did a great job of tying his presentation to themes of career, identity, and resilience, just what I wanted.”

— Tobi Hay, SUNY Plattsburgh

“Brian [Miller] was a huge hit at the conference. We were thrilled with his speech, the students loved him, and the theme of 3 new people was very easy to carry out for the rest of the conference.”

— Lasell College

“…my colleagues who attended [Brian Miller’s Event] couldn’t stop raving about the evening and the impact of the conversation that they had with students. “

— Binghamton University

“Enthusiastic! Passionate! A great communicator! Always connects with his audience. I highly recommend him [Mike Fritz].”

— Philip Bustrum, Director of Student Engagement and Professor, Cornerstone University

“Awesome presentation. Mike’s [Fritz] presentation inspired me and our students to stay on track and keep changing our campus.”

— Sonja Sneed, Student Activities Coordinator, Houston Community College

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more to kick off my leadership program this year. Mike [Fritz] set the bar high for programs to follow. Our students loved that Mike used humor to teach about leadership! We will bring him back in the future!”

— Elaine Gisreal, Harford Community College

“I booked Mike [Fritz] for our leadership conference and he was amazing! He was easy to work with, worked within our budget and did an amazing job. All of our students loved it! He had us laughing at one point and then totally engaged as he explained what it meant to be a great leader! I can’t wait to have him back!”

— Natalie Maheen, Student Coordinator of Delta Sigma Pi, San Diego State University

“Mike Fritz’s presentation was one of the most engaging presentations I’ve scheduled at Cayuga Community College. Mike manages to share insight and wisdom in a interactive way that’s filled with humor. Students attending the program were attentive and active participants throughput the session. Along with an impressive presentation Mike Fritz was a great presenter to work with and we’re excited about the opportunity of booking him, and his dynamic energy, once again next year. His positive message, even weeks after his presentation, still come up in conversations among student leader attendees. I highly recommend his program.”

— Norman Lee, Director of Student Activities, Cayuga Community College

“Mike [Fritz] was extremely easy to work with and did an amazing job connecting with our students. We are bringing him back another time this year.”

— Maenecia Lewis Cole, Student Activities Coordinator, College of the Albemarle

“Mike [Fritz] keeps you engaged…has great content…out of the roof energy and is a wealth of information”

— Sjohonton Fanner, Student Activities Coordinator, Vernon College

“We had Mike Fritz in for our Inaugural Leadership Summit and he did not disappoint! What makes Mike so effective is his energy, humor, and reliability, the students instantly were hooked on his every word. Before booking Mike, I had done my research and thought that his high re-booking rate was just your typical marketing hype, but I can assure you that if you have him to campus, you will want to re-book him. We re-booked Mike immediately following his workshop for 2 more dates!”

— Joshua Drahos, Student Activities Coordinator, Pratt MWP College of Art and Design

“Mike [Fritz] did a great job. He had the students laughing and then learning. He also stayed after and engaged with our students.”

— Rosalinda Martinez, Student Activities Coordinator, Wabonsee Community College

“Mike Fritz was great. He was punctual, flexible and connected well with the students.”

— Penn State University – Hazleton

“As always [Michael Dean Ester] was great!!!! He is a big staple to our welcome weekend every year!”

— Felicia Nelson, Penn State University – Berks

“Aaron Marcus had a lot of very good and useful information. His ability to share his experiences with auditions was really helpful. His advice gave me a new perspective about auditions. Something that really stood out to me was when he talked about how with auditions, what’s important is that you have the opportunity to audition, not whether or not you get the part. He taught me that you can learn something from each audition you take part in and that is something that really stood out to me.”

— Lindsey Blank

“I really appreciated the way Aaron Marcus talked about headshots. I’ve heard a lot of pointers over the years regarding what you should wear and what the background should look like and what personal qualities you want to capture, but I thought Aaron summarized all of that really well by saying your headshot should be “effective.” Your headshot is not just a presentation of who you are. It’s also a way to show employers what roles you can play convincingly. Your headshot should be effective in that way. I’ve never thought about it that way before and I’m really thankful for that piece of information.”

— Michael Hardenberg

“Aaron encouraged me to be confident in myself and what I do, knowing that I bring my own uniqueness to the table. I learned not to compare myself to others and also not to be afraid to get in the zone, work hard, have fun, and enjoy the auditioning process.”

— Kieran Mayer

“It was cool to see the perspective of someone working in the industry. It made me a little less scared for what the industry is.”

— Micah Crandall

“I thought his session was really helpful. I knew nothing about headshots and I liked that his descriptions of what was expected from headshots of actors helpful. Were his stories scary? Yeah. Were they inspirational? SUPER!”

— James Lim

“Everything went really well! As always, Michael [Dean Ester] was a big hit and that is so important because he is the first event, the kick-off to orientation.”

— Billie B. Eaves, Washington & Jefferson College

“Mike [Fritz] was awesome! He brought such great energy to our groups. And of course, he’s so easy to work with – and I knew he would be.”

— Kim Jackson, Big Bend Community College