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Spoken Word

“Gabe’s [Ramirez] visit was honestly fantastic. For me, it was the invigoration I needed to push me through the end of this semester.”

— Faculty, SUNY Potsdam

“The vast, vast majority of them commented on being extremely moved and inspired by Gabe [Ramirez].”

— Faculty, SUNY Potsdam

“Elizabeth [Acevedo] was absolutely amazing, both on stage and off stage. She was exactly what we were looking for in our program and her talent wowed our students. We were very happy with the event.”

— Mark Carbonara, Dominican University

“Last night was absolutely incredible. We could not have asked for a better turnout and a better event overall. There were so many people in the audience that were able to relate to Elizabeth [Acevedo] on a deeper level and that’s what made the atmosphere so great. I haven’t heard anything but good feedback and I’ve had multiple requests to bring her back next year because she left such a good impression on everyone. There were even faculty members in the audience that are anticipating to show their classes videos of Elizabeth’s poems because they feel that the pieces would contribute significantly to their respective curricula.”

— Christina Franqui, Ithaca College

“She [Elizabeth Acevedo] was wonderful. It was a perfect fit for the event, the audience loved her! She gave them a space to explore some emotions they may have or need to understand from an outsider’s perspective or just a space to hear what she had to say abut her experiences, observations, etc. One of the students from the club we were collaborating with even said we need to bring her back in the future. She is one performer we will be keeping in our heads for future performances.”

— Emily Umstead, Aquinas College

” … her [Lacy Roop] gravel-and-honey voice transforms her written words into kinetically charged shrapnel that will get lodged in your brain.”

— Michael Graupman, Arts contributor at Culture Map

“Lacey Roop is one of the greatest writers of our generation. She will go down in history by changing the world with the tip of her pen.”

— Tova Charles, Women of the World Finalist (2012)

“Lacey Roop does poetry like a waterfall does water”

— Good Ghost

“She [Lady Caress] had the audience laughing at her jokes, enthralled with her poetry and interacting with her on stage. We have nothing but praise and thanks for her.”

— Maria Zapasnik, Rhode Island College

“She [Lady Caress] was perfect. Gracious and professional. Students enjoyed her. We’d love to have her again sometime.”

— Chip Murdock, Wilmington College

“It was fantastic! We sa[w] Lady Caress at NACA Mid Atlantic, and we instantly wanted her for her energy and positive vibes. She delivered no less than that at our event! …her performance overall was spectacular!”

— Ben Smith McRobie, Philadelphia University

“The event went really! We had good turnout for an event taking place the first week of classes, and Kyla [Lacey] was great! Students really enjoyed her, and I know our AALANA group is already talking about bringing her back another time. Thank you again (and to Kyla, too!) “

— Andrea Cronkrite, Finger Lakes Community College

“I liked her [Lacey Roop] a lot. She is extremely genuine while on stage, and not ‘slick’ or ‘polished’ which really gives the audience a chance to relax and connect.”

— Grant Winslow, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

“Alex [Luu] was phenomenal. We will definitely look at having him in the years to come”

— Cal State East Bay

“It was a fabulous event! She [Jaylene Clark Owens] was amazing! Watching her made me think back to the days when I was in college, watching new, inspiring artists that helped me to expand my own limited understanding of the world. Student Activities at its best!”

— Genesee Community College

“Jaylene [Clark Owens] was amazing, we loved having her and the students really enjoyed her poetry.”

— Tompkins Cortland Community College

“Jaylene [Clark Owens] was great! Everyone loved her. We definitely want her back next year.”

— Jamestown Community College

“[Jaylene Clark Owens] was awesome. People couldn’t believe how great she was. She did a great job and was so inspiring. Thank you! We had a great turnout.”

— Sarah McCarty, SUNY Clinton Community College

“The event with Pages went very well! The students loved it and it was very relevant to our work.”

— Grand Valley State University

“Last night’s show went great and the fact that I.N.K. made their show so interactive was a big hit for our students. (I loved the poem we worked on as an audience in particular.)”

— Northern Vermont University

She [Lady Caress] was absolutely great! She did an amazing job as the emcee for our annual Lip Sync Competition. She was great to work with and really grabbed and held the audience’s attention.

— Sean Wiseman, Central College

“Jaylene [Clark Owens] is incredible!! Everyone loved her poetry and enjoyed the event; I got a ton of great feedback from students and staff.”

— Kelsey Sixberry, SUNY Potsdam

“The event went well… Lady Caress did a great job in supporting the students who did spoken word and her own material was excellent.”

— Becky Boyle Jones, Minnesota State University – Moorhead

“Lady Caress is always an impressive performer and presenter.”

— Brent Olinger, Augustana University

“Students loved [Gabriel Ramirez]! We want to invite him back next year!”

— Wheaton College

“Gabriel was great! I honestly have nothing to say but good things. He really drew the audience…Gabriel really grabbed people with his words.”

— Wheaton College

“[Lady Caress] was very social with our students and the students loved her.”

— Diana Silvas, Illinois Institute of Technology

“Ebo was fantastic and our students really enjoyed their performance.”

— Nat Betancourt, California State University – Fullerton

“The event went great and having Lady Caress there made it event better! She really got the crowd engaged and she was so easy and nice to work with.”

— Katelynne Conner, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Ebo [Barton] was absolutely wonderful to work with. They were respectful and professional. Their talk was very informative, energetic, and thought provoking. As students said, “Their poetry is fire!”

— South Dakota State University

“[Yaw Kyeremateng] was awesome!! The students loved the experience.”

— Charlie Foster, Asst Vice Chancellor, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

“Things went great, we had a good turnout and students really enjoyed [Lady] Caress’s performance and energy! Thank you so much for your help throughout this process. We’ve enjoyed working with you, Caress, and the Neon crew.”

— Kalyani Kannan, Wartburg College

“Caress was very personable and our students loved her.”

— Katelyn Blanas, Johnson & Wales University-Denver

“Ebo [Barton] was amazing. Their performance was so interactive and got many students engaged. They become very comfortable with the audience and got a lot of us laughing. They would ask the audience to say certain words during their poems which was super fun and engaging. Their performance flowed so well and the transitions went smoothly. Their poems fit the environment very well and they made sure to give trigger warnings before. It was so nice when they asked students if they also wanted to perform their own poetry after their show. They talked with a couple of students who came up to them and they looked so happy! A lot of students reflected after their performance which was amazing. I would love to have them again on campus!”

— Cynthia Ramirez, Willamette University

“The students loved [Lady] Caress, and she was perfect for a Valentine’s Day event! She played well off of both the couples and the single people in attendance. She had high energy and spent time with students after the performance too.”

— Haley Davis, Buena Vista University

“[Lady Caress] did an amazing job with interacting with the students in the audience. Her poems and her performance on stage was phenomenal. We also had some of our own students apart of the show that opened for her. She welcomed them with open arms and wanted to introduce them herself onto the stage which was amazing…Working with her directly was amazing she was super sweet and kind…We hope to bring her back onto our campus in the future again!”

— Carolyne Roepke, St.Norbert College

“The event went super well! Our audience loved seeing Caress and I heard many comments on how they enjoyed her unique style of being a slam poet featuring things such as singing and especially beat boxing. The messages she gave out too were very popular and many of our audience went up to do a meet and greet after the show! We hope to do more with you in the future! “

— University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

“Ryan was absolutely amazing! He is extremely talented and so kind!”

— Trisha Temple, Pennsylvania College of Technology

“Having Lady Caress on campus was a blast! She put on a lively performance that we all enjoyed. She was great to work with and everything went smoothly!”

— Emma Payne, University of Wisconsin – Superior

“Ryan Jones is very friendly and his customer service with the students is top notch! His performance is easy and encompassing to all students.”

— David G. Michener, University of North Georgia