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“Adam Ace was a crowd [pleaser]. He really got the audience involved during the game show. He was funny and everyone really enjoyed their time at the game show.This was the first time we had something different on campus and Adam Ace left the audience wanting more. I definitely can’t wait for the next game show in March.”

— University of La Verne

“Everyone loved it! …we want him back next year.”

— Rebecca Bourque, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

“That was the first time our students gave a standing ovation to an emcee! Adam [Ace] was the best emcee we’ve had on our campus in many years!”

— Student Activities Coordinators, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

“Our students told us that Adam [Ace] was the best comedian they’ve ever seen at our school.”

— College Activities Board, Loras College

“Adam [Ace] was hilarious and had a great show with us. He really is quite talented. People are still laughing about the show. I would definitely consider bringing him back to our campus in the future.”

— Lisa Birkowski, Lourdes College

“As a small school we’re always looking for events with big impact that fit our small budget. We “lucked” into the Amazing Game Show… The students loved the games, and the trivia questions were perfect for our college students. The games ran quickly and due to some questions where the students could bet as much (or as little) as they wanted, nobody was ever out of the game until the last question. …I know this will be a main stay for our campus for years to come. ”

— Dennis McNaboe, Salem International University

“It [Cash Attack] was FANTASTIC! We had an awesome number of attendees and [the host] was the best game show host we have ever had on campus! He spoke with me about some other game shows Neon offers and we are going to book at least 2 of them.”

— Michelle Burger, Lincoln Land Community College

“This event [Cash Attack] went well. Our students did have a great time. The host was professional and flexible, something I don’t always see!”

— Matthew Weiss, Cardinal Stritch University

“Cash Attack was a blast! Students had a lot of fun and [the host] was a wonderful host and entertainer. He was great to work with and brought a lot of fun and excitement to the game. The students really loved it and got really into each round. They already asked our SGA to bring the game back so you may be hearing from us for year. ”

— David Levoli, College of St Joseph

“The game show [Campus Feud] went great last night. Everything ran super smooth with set up and it was very a stress-free maintenance during the show. Derik was great. He was young and very college-atmosphere oriented. He was also very very funny. The students who came all said they had a great time and we got a lot of great feedback for the audience. The questions related to Oakland University specifically were also a huge hit.”

— Sarah Novak, Oakland University

“The event [Campus Feud] went well …the students who were there had a great time.”

— Debi Kee, The City University of New York

“The event [Campus Feud] went really well! The host was great and very engaging. The audience seemed to enjoy it as well. Very successful overall!”

— Le Bailey, Eastern Oregon University

“The students got really into it and all I heard was how much fun they had and it was better than a lecture. Watching them play along and think they know the answer and react if they got it wrong I could really tell they were learning new information and were engaged.”

— Lycoming College

“Everything went very well with the Pop Culture Clash game show. We had no problems setting up/tearing down, the students seemed to really enjoy the act, and Derrick was great to work with.”

— Brenna Conley, Drake University

“Our event [Pop Culture Clash] went very well. He had amazing energy and even though we had a small group, he made it entertaining. We were curious if we could look at booking him for our orientations this summer? We have five orientations…”

— Brandee Soens, Montana State University – Billings

“Everything was fantastic! The students who came really enjoyed their time and Derrick [Knopsnyder] was wonderful to work with. Even though I’m graduating and moving on, I hope to be able to bring Neon to where ever I end up in the future.”

— Michelle Kinney, Binghamton University

“The event was great! A lot of our students loved it, and we got great feedback. Thank you! We hope to work with you again in the future.” [Adam Ace]

— Emily Harris, Adelphi University

“The show was absolutely incredible! The kids had a blast and Adam [Ace] was amazing, so professional and entertaining. Thank you so much and we will be in touch again later in the year!”

— Miss Porter’s School

“Derrick [Knopsnyder] was amazing! He is such a sweet guy and our students seemed to love him. The show [Cash Attack] ran very smoothly…I’d say this show was a perfect way for students to engage in a fun activity on a Saturday night. The combination of music playing, the ways people interacted in order to get a chance on stage and Derrick’s overall comedic responses were great.”

— Salisbury University

“…The feedback I received from the students and my co-advisor was extremely favorable. They all indicated the show [Cellphone Smackdown] was well received by the audience and that it was very engaging. The general consensus was that they would book it again.”

— D’Youville College

“We had an AWESOME time with Derrick [Knopsnyder]! He was really easy to contact and get everything squared away with. Everything went smoothly and he was an amazing host for the Campus Feud game show. All the students loved him so much they asked for him to come back for another one.”

— University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

“The event [Total Team Trivia] went very well and just as planned! All of the participants seemed to really enjoy themselves!”

— Penn State University

“It [The Drop] went great!! Derrick does a great job and the students really enjoy him. Thanks so much!!”

— Lisa Yohan, Jamestown Community College

The event [Show Biz Quiz] was great! Everyone had a great time and Adam [Ace] was fantastic!

— Dilynn, SUNY Geneseo

“[Free Money Game Show] was absolutely amazing! We had over 200 students attend and everyone who attended absolutely loved the show, games, and host! Adam is always amazing and I love his energy. We will definitely have him back to campus this Fall and Spring!”

— Andrees D. Rivers, Neumann University

“[The Free Money Game Show] was fantastic!… the students were super into it and really enjoyed themselves!”

— Pace University

“We had a great time and really enjoy having [Pop Culture Clash] at LSUS. The game shows provided by Neon Entertainment seem to be a turn-key, high impact experience for us. We will definitely continue hosting a show each welcome week in the future.”

— Angel Martin, Louisiana State University Shreveport

“The [Free Money] game show was an absolute hit! Adam was so engaging, people stayed the entire time. They were having such a good time that he ran the show a little long which was a great call. I think the fact that anyone in the audience could have a chance at any time was a huge draw as well.”

— Alicia Berry, Franklin Pierce University

“[Free Money Game Show] was a blast! Our students had so much fun, got very into the show. Loading and set up was a breeze. Greatly appreciate all of Adam’s enthusiasm and spirit!”

— Mary Frac, Saint Bonaventure University