DIY Zen Gardens

DIY Zen Gardens

Great for Relaxation Programs! Kept upon your desk, a miniature oasis of tranquility awaits. The mini Zen garden is a humble yet captivating masterpiece, capturing the essence of serenity within its compact boundaries. Delicate grains of sand, meticulously raked into gentle patterns, invite contemplation and provide a canvas for the wandering mind. Smooth stones, carefully placed, symbolize the harmony of nature and the grounding force of stability. A tiny rake rests nearby, offering the opportunity for mindful creation or meditation. With each glance, the mini Zen garden serves as a gentle reminder to find solace in simplicity, fostering inner peace amidst the demands of the day.

100 Zen Gardens includes:

-100 Dishes


-300 Stones

-100 Bridges or Pagodas

-100 Rakes

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