8 Exciting Programs for Spring!

8 Exciting Programs for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and we’re thrilled to share some exciting programs to elevate your upcoming gatherings. Neon Entertainment offers engaging programs that will enhance your spring events and are custom-made for Spring occasions, such as Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Women’s History Month, and St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re into trivia showdowns or hands-on DIY fun, Neon Entertainment will bring the fun to you!

1. Black History Trivia

Start your spring events on a powerful note by honoring Black History. Our Black History Trivia, hosted by hilarious comedians, invites everyone to dive into African American leaders, events, and history. Plus, every game packs a punch with a chance to win $200 in CASH PRIZES! Tailor the rewards to your liking, whether it’s Amazon gift cards or other goodies.

2. The Unauthorized Biography Series

Step into hip-hop history with Shaun Boothe’s Unauthorized Biography Series. Customize this dynamic musical experience, perfect for Black History Month and Women’s History Month. Let the inspirational vibes flow as we celebrate cultural icons through biographical rap songs.

3. Create-a-Creature

Dive into hands-on creativity with Create-a-Creature! Ideal for Valentine’s Day, participants pick, stuff, name, dress, and create their unique and thoughtful Valentine’s gift or significant others or friends. With DIY kits from Neon Entertainment, you’ve got creatures, stuffing, and custom-designed T-shirts ready to roll.

4. Be Mine Bingo

Valentine’s Day takes a musical twist with Be Mine Bingo! A professional comedian guides you through singing along to your favorite love songs, and yes, there’s $200 in CASH PRIZES up for grabs! Choose your rewards, be it Amazon gift cards or other cool prizes.

5. Cupid Shuffle Game Show

Discover the secrets of Valentine’s Day with Cupid Shuffle. Led by comedians, this program unveils fascinating facts about the heart-filled holiday. Plus, $200 in CASH PRIZES is on the line! Personalize the rewards and get ready for a night of laughter, learning, and love.

6. Women’s History Trivia

Keep the celebration going with Women’s History Trivia, a fascinating journey through the achievements of extraordinary women. With professional comedians at the helm, this trivia game spans centuries, delivering laughter, learning, and a shot at $200 in CASH PRIZES!

7. Pot O’ Gold Trivia

Feel the Irish spirit with Pot O’ Gold Trivia! Hosted by comedians, this lively program explores the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day. Outsmart leprechauns and snag a chance at $200 in CASH PRIZES, or customize the rewards to your liking.

8. DIY Color Totes

Unleash creativity with Neon Entertainment’s DIY Color Totes, merging coloring book joy with functional canvas bags. Participants use fabric markers to customize printed totes, choosing from diverse designs or custom artwork. Drop-shipped supplies ensure a hassle-free experience, fitting any occasion from casual gatherings to campus events. This hands-on program adds a personal touch, allowing individuals to craft unique works of art and take home functional, stylish keepsakes. Versatile for events like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, Color Your Own Totes elevates spring celebrations.

Spring is the time to celebrate, and Neon Entertainment’s programs are here to bring the fun to your events. Whether you’re into trivia, music, or hands-on activities, we’ve got something for everyone. Spice up your campus or event and create unforgettable memories this spring!


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