Escape the Monotony | Virtual Team Building in Business

Escape the Monotony | Virtual Team Building in Business

Moving Forward Together

With things slowly getting back to some sort of normal that we experienced before the pandemic began, many friends, families, businesses need to restart their relationships in a positive way. The isolation has made us all a little rusty at communication and working together, so for businesses,  remote team building activities will be crucial for moving forward in a post-pandemic world. There are many reasons to do activities together with your coworkers outside of work, but the biggest ones truly reflect how business can grow from the inside out.

One great activity, among the many Neon Entertainment offers, is the virtual escape room. Teams will have to work together to complete tasks to find a way to resolve their virtual problems and escape in time. From escaping from a zombie apocalypse to solving a murder, teams will be engaged in the experience while naturally working together.

Building Trust Within Your Business

When we have trust in others to help or complete a task, whether it be work or play, the relationship grows and establishes a common understanding. When co-workers find themselves trapped in a room with riddles to solve, there will be trust placed in each person involved and each team member will learn more about who they are to their teammates and vice versa.

Enhance Communication for Success

We are no longer subject to the communication rules of ancient Rome, where he who shouts loudest is most right. Whether virtual or in person, the escape rooms require a calm level of communication to succeed, it is exceedingly difficult to work at escaping alone.

Office Antics, a funny, but relatable virtual escape room revolves around the relationship between coworkers who prank one another. You find a note on your laptop from your devious coworker that reads “I’m heading out on vacation for a week and I have struck again! I left a game of puzzles on your laptop. P.S. Everything on your laptop is now encrypted. Finish the game if you want it all back! See you in a week.”

This type of behavior may be familiar to those who have an office relationship like Dwight and Jim from “The Office”, but no matter who it is, communication must prevail to make your team succeed.

Creativity Through Virtual Team Building

Escape rooms allow team members to show off their creative side. Intelligence is useful and important in problem solving; however, creativity is key to solve the mysteries of escape rooms like the Scavenger Hunt Escape room. When you work alone, you are limited to your own ideas, thoughts, questions, and mental limitations based on your own unconscious biases. When you work with a team, each member brings something different to the table and this allows creativity, and ideas that would have never transpired without the group, to be born and change the course of each experience. Creativity flourishes with effective communication and sharing, and to escape, you need both.

Get Together with Your Team

If your company needs to reconnect in a meaningful but fun way, virtual escape rooms are perfect for getting your team on the same page after a troubling year. Taking the time to make connections amongst a staff is so important at a time when communication is changing so rapidly. Have your company come together safely and virtually to work together and have some much-needed fun. Give us a call or leave your information here and we will contact you with more information.


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