Virtual Entertainment | Fun Remote Team Building Activities for 2021

Virtual Entertainment | Fun Remote Team Building Activities for 2021

Here at Neon Entertainment we provide live and virtual events for organizations all over the country. We have established relationships with colleges and universities that stretch far and wide, but in moving toward a more virtual world, we have found many of our events can help engage and inspire anyone, and we aim to help anyone looking for fun remote team building activities here on our site! If you have a team or organization interested in any of our virtual events or live, please don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more from one of our agents. We have dedicated representatives for different areas of the country, so you’ll have a personal agent to work with every step of the way. Here are a few reasons why you may want to look to Neon for fun remote team building activities in 2021.

Experienced in Virtual Events

Many of our competitors and other organizations offer virtual events, so why would you choose Neon? Well, for one, we have worked tirelessly for months since the beginning of 2020 to provide a truly unique experience for every booking. It hasn’t been easy. We have had some hiccups here and there, and the virtual world was something new to us way back in March/April of last year. We were able to proudly provide hundreds of universities and organizations with safe, and fun remote team building activities. When you book a remote team building activity with us, know that we work very hard to ensure it will be enjoyed by all!

Talent Everywhere

One easy part for us when starting to get into virtual events was finding talent. As much as it has been awful for musicians, comedians, and live entertainers the last year, (and everyone who loves live events!) it has been amazing to see how so many people can come together and find solutions. We are so proud of each and every one of our entertainers who have been able to make the pivot and readjust their live acts to form new, inclusive and inspiring virtual events. Many of our best live entertainers, not surprisingly, have become the stars of virtual remote team building. Check out a few here!

Dedicated to You.

We will all get through this. It hasn’t been easy, but seeing how we have all been able to forge through the difficult times that 2020 brought us, and seeing the engagement for our live events, one thing is clear. We will not stop. We will continue to battle through whatever comes to help you, our users and friends all over the US, with whatever we can do to help make your event unforgettable. As summer approaches, and things start to improve, we may start to see more live events coming up around the country. Know that our dedication to you will never quit. We will always work with colleges and universities to provide solutions to your problems, but we are also here for any large companies or organizations that may need a hand engaging their employees, or members.

We’ve seen some really amazing things happen in the last year, as bad as some of it has been it’s fulfilling to know we were able to work through so much and still continue to help entertain and inspire. We wish you the best in your search for fun remote team building activities, but if you need an idea, you’ve found the right place. Remember to stay tuned on social media and like us on facebook! You can catch a live MUSIC MONDAY performance from one of our best musical artists each and EVERY MONDAY! You can always subsrcibe to the blog via email to stay up to date with everything going on at Neon! Stay strong and keep being awesome!


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