Virtual Team Building/Leadership with Mike Fritz

Virtual Campus Engagement

presented by Mike Fritz

Are you having trouble getting people to attend and engage in your virtual events?  Are you constantly losing people to the Netflix and Hulu binge nights?  Are you working hard to put on a virtual event only to see a handful of people show up?

If so, Virtual Campus Engagement (VCE) would be a great fit for your campus.

VCE provides your student leaders with the online marketing techniques it takes to instantly increase virtual event attendance and then leverage those events to build the number of student leaders you have on campus.  Student engagement is not only about event attendance, we must give students the option to take the next step once they attend.

But how do we do that?

Every time you have a virtual event it is a chance to add people to your clubs and organizations on campus.  But most students and advisors are so excited that people showed up that they forget to take attendee to its desired next step – engagement!  I have spoken at countless events in which there was great attendance but no next step was offered.  On the flip side, I’ve been to even MORE events where there were very few people in attendance at all; leaving the team feeling like failures.

The VCE program gives you the tools and techniques you need to change that.  To put virtual marketing in place so that you aren’t constantly losing out to Netlflix and Hulu; and to have seamless offerings and transitions so that students can take the next and become the engaged leaders we know they can be.

In VCE program you’ll learn:

  • Why people do what they do (AKA – why they will or will not attend your events)
  • What you may be doing that tells students “Not to attend” and don’t even know it
  • The 3 things that you need to do at every event that will boost campus engagement nearly instantly
  • The #1 reason virtual events fail and what you can do to change that
  • How to continue (or start) growing your clubs and organizations virtually.

Looking forward to bring the VCE program to your campus soon!

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Mike Fritz

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— Sjohonton Fanner, Student Activities Coordinator, Vernon College