Build a Better Virtual Team

Build A Better Virtual Team

presented by Mike Fritz

Building a successful team is one of the most powerful things you can do to accomplish your teams mission on your campus.  But how do you do that virtually?  How to keep your team engaged in the mission, excited about the mission and personally committed to the mission when you aren’t able to meet in person?

That’s exact what Build a Better Virtual Team teaches you and your student leaders.

The are 7 guiding principles that build this user friendly program.  It provides your students with specific action steps that they can apply immediate in order to reinvigorate their team and get them headed in a single direction.  The greatest weakness of virtual team is how easily they splinter and lose focus.  But if you implement these 7 steps into your campus leadership team you and your team will have exactly what you need to set and reach your goals on campus.

You will learning things like:

  • How to hold an effective virtual meeting
  • How to effectively and efficiently communicate with team members and how often you should communicate
  • How to create and manage task and to do lists
  • How to make sure you don’t lose momentum as as team between meetings
  • How to use the “Mastermind” technique in order to come up with better ideas and implement them with precision
  • How to create a positive culture when you can’t meet face to face
  • And much more.

This program is exactly what you need if you are seeking to build your team virtually.

Let’s get this program to your campus soon!

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Mike Fritz

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uild a Better Virtual Team