4 Fun Novelty Events To Bring To Campus This Valentine’s Day

4 Fun Novelty Events To Bring To Campus This Valentine’s Day

Can you believe that it’s only a month to Valentine’s Day already!  If you’re a college event planner you know this means it’s time to start booking programs for the holiday.  Providing fun campus activities for students allows them the perfect opportunity to express their feelings toward their friends and significant others.  Lucky for you, Neon Entertainment has some really cool event packages that will help your students form lasting memories. Here are 4 popular events that college event coordinators always look for around this time of year.


Every college student loves a good stuffed animal right?  They remind us of simpler times before we were all swamped with homework assignments and exams.  The great thing about Neon’s Create-a-Creature program is that you get to make a customized stuffed animal to give to that special someone.  With over 100 choices available you can get them their favorite animal and deck it out with an adorable custom printed t-shirt.  Not only will students leave the event with a unique gift but they’ll have a blast developing their own design as well!

The Dating Game Show

Game shows are always a big hit on college campuses so why not host a special Valentine’s Day edition.  Though it might sound like it’s only targeted for couples, The Dating Game Show has a segment designed for all the singles out there as well.  Whether students are testing how strong their bond is or are looking for someone to connect with, they can do so while competing for real cash prizes!  This college game show event is full of surprising twists and turns so it’ll be a blast for both the contestants and audience members alike.

Love Ts

A free T-Shirt is the quintessential college give-away item and students always go nuts for them.  They’re such a flexible product and can be customized to fit in with any holiday or seasonal event your campus might host.  Our special Love Ts program will be the perfect compliment to whatever festivities your campus is planning around Valentine’s Day.  Students get to choose from many hilarious and heartfelt designs and can even turn it into a timeless keepsake by adding the names of their partner or closest friends.

Photo Make & Takes

Everyone knows that students flock to events where they can take home free merchandise.  The question is, how much will attendance increase when you offer them apparel that they can customize with personal photos?  That’s the inspiration behind our Photo Make &Takes novelty program.  Students will be able to personalize items like water bottles, mugs, key chains, hats, flip-flops, heart magnets and many other fun products.

If you’re interested in any of these Valentine’s Day events for your upcoming campus festivities, contact us today!  Our local booking agents will be able to answer any additional questions you might have. We look forward to helping you bring these fun novelty events to your campus!


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