Happy National Teddy Bear Day!

Happy National Teddy Bear Day!

Named after Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, the Teddy Bear has become one of the most iconic toys in history. This fun holiday is great to celebrate, because Teddy Bears are very special to many people. Did you know that over half of adults still have their favorite stuffed animal they grew up with? Not only that, but 40% sleep with it by their side and 70% said they want to keep it for the rest of their lives. Monday, Sept 9th is offically National Teddy Bear Day and many people choose to celebrate with sharing their favorite stuffed animal with the hashtag #nationalteddybearday.

Several colleges across the country are choosing to celebrating with Neon Entertainment’s Create-a-Creature program. The program is a full do-it-yourself event and comes with everything you need to run your own stuff-a-bear event.

Choose your selection of bears (or other animals) from our list of over 75 options. We’ll send you the animal, stuffing, hearts (or stars), adoption certificates and t-shirts for the bears.

Participants choose their animal. Stuff it with premium fiberfill stuffing, and give it life with a special heart (or star) insert. Give your animal a name with an “official” adoption certificate and dress it with a custom t-shirt.

You have your choice between plain t-shirts with a selection of fabric markers to design your own shirts, or we’ll send you custom shirts with your any design or logo of your choice.

Create-a-Creature is a popular holiday activity as well as for Valentine’s Day, homecoming, parent’s weekend or National Teddy Bear Day!

The best part of a DIY create-a-creature event is that every participant will leave with a fun and unique momento.

Call Your Neon Agent at 716-836-6366 or email info@neon-entertainment.com for more information about ordering a Create-a-Creature program.


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