Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 93

Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 93

Neon Entertainment offers you access to the top trending comedians and musicians in the entertainment industry. Bring a Nationally known act to your college campus for your next big event and we’ll do all the work.

Offering services like event preparation and on-site consultation for your larger events, Neon Entertainment has been one of the leading entertainment booking agencies for the past 23 years. If you need to hire a comedian or need a musician for your college event let one of our entertainment booking agents help you with your next event.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the artists’ availability.

1. Antoni Porowski Cooking Demo

Antoni Porowski from the new Queer Eye on Netflix is taking his live cooking demonstration to campuses across the country.

He just performed at Syracuse University to rave reviews in front of thousands of students. Antoni pulls students on stage for an interactive show where he tailors his recipes for college students. He recently performed two sold-out shows in NYC for the New York Comedy Festival!


2. All Def Presents: Squadd Live

Squadd Live presents an innovative Comedy Format where a school can choose from a solo performance, a duo, or group performance catered to each school’s individual budget.

In less than two years, All Def has leveraged the cultural power of Hip Hop to grow our owned channels to  10 million fans aged 18-24.


3. Jonathan Van Ness and Friends

Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye and Gay Of Thrones is bringing himself and a hilarious group of LGBT and Diverse comedians on tour to a campus near you!

Jonathan has taken the sold out show to Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City and Washington D.C. where he performs in front of thousands of fans!

He is already performed at The University of Southern California and is performing at Cornell later this month and is already sold out!


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