Drop Ship/DIY – The Perfect Way to Relax After a Successful Semester

Drop Ship/DIY – The Perfect Way to Relax After a Successful Semester

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Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog by Neon Entertainment! With the semester coming to a close, you could be looking for a different flavor of an event to mark the end of the school year. Last time, we went over some larger-scale events with our roller rink options. Today, let’s shift our focus to some more relaxing, smaller-scale but just as engaging events.

Relaxing Drop Ship/DIY Events to End the Semester

Plant and Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

Our Drop Ship Bonsai Program is the perfect complement to your relaxing year-end event. Bonsai trees are small container trees that are grown to create a miniature but realistic representation of nature. It’s an art form that’s been around for more than a millennium, derived from an ancient Chinese practice and partly redeveloped by Japanese Zen Buddhism. Our DIY program includes pots, humidity trays, bonsai trees, soil, sheers, and shaping wire. 

Check out our DIY Bonsai Tree page for more information!

Create Your Own Sand Art

Kick it back to your student’s younger years with a favorite from early childhood – sand art! Your students can create bright and colorful sand art that encapsulates their emotions and brings light to their dorms. Plus, creating the art piece is a relaxing use of time! We provide you with everything you need to create colorful and unique works of art, you just need to provide the students! 

Check our DIY Sand Art page for more information!

Plant Your Own Succulents

Plants don’t just bring a little bit of life to your students’ dorms via some greenery and make it feel a little homier, they also are great for the overall well-being of people. Numerous studies have shown that indoor plants boost productivity, lower anxiety levels, and even lower blood pressure. Succulents are low-maintenance plants that are perfect for seasoned gardeners or people just getting in tune with their green thumbs, being easy to care for and requiring little watering.

Check our DIY Succulents page for more information! 

Contact Us to Get Set Up! 

Any questions regarding our DIY event programs? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@neon-entertainment.com. You can also check out some of our previous writings where we’ve covered some of our DIY/Drop Ship offerings.

Speaking of checking out our previous writings, don’t forget to stay tuned to the Hot Mic Blog! We regularly post about why our college event entertainment is the best in business and highlight the talented artists on our roster. We’re also easily found on social media, especially Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube and Snapchat!

Reach out today to enquire or book any of these or our other events or artists. Call us at 800-993-NEON, or get more information by emailing info@neon-entertainment.com.

Let’s make that spectacular college event you’ve envisioned real. The sooner you start planning, the sooner you can relax!


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