DIY Plant Your Own Succulents

Plant Your Own Succulents

plant your own succulent

Plant’s don’t just make a dingy dorm or office feel a little more like home, they’re good for your overall well-being. Studies have linked the presence of indoor plants to a decrease in anxiety level, raise in productivity, and even lower blood pressure. Succulents are a great choice for participants that are just getting a hang of there gardening skills or may not have the greenest thumb. They’re easy to take care of and require little watering. Bring Plant Your Own Succulents for your next new student orientation, health and wellness fair, or finals week to introduce the benefits of indoor plants to your company or campus.

Plant Your Own Succulents come with:

  • 100 2″ succulents shipped bare root (variety of 20-30 types)
  • 100 bags of succulent soil
  • 100 plastic 2″ pots
  • 100 bags of top dressing
  • (4″ pots and adjusted quantities available upon request)

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“It went really well! Our River Falls campus is small with roughly 100-125 students on a given day. They do not get much programming so it was a nice treat for them. I appreciate it!”

— Kurtis, Chippewa Valley Technical College-River Falls