Need Fun College Events to Wind Down the Semester? Try our Portable Rink Options!

Need Fun College Events to Wind Down the Semester? Try our Portable Rink Options!

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog! Here on the blog, we like to ensure that you have all the fun college events and ideas you need in order to have your semester goes smoothly! Today, we wanted to take some time to highlight our portable rinks, which are the perfect pastime to wind down the semester. 

Why choose a portable rink you ask? Well, let’s dive into the unique programming we have available for you. 

Portable Roller Rinks

With the weather getting warmer, one thing that you should consider is heading outside for your event! When we bring the portable roller rink, you can decide if you want it set up indoors or out. We do have a request if you host outdoors though- please have a hard, flat surface ready for us. The grass is not acceptable. 

Our rink is the first fully portable setup and can be easily transported to your location. Plus it’s lit up in bright, neon colors to create an energetic atmosphere! Check out the portable roller rink page for more details.

Glowing Portable Roller Rink

We even have a version of our portable roller rink that can complete the bright lights look with a unique glowing floor, too! You can even add fun mini-events like a photo booth and costume photo! You can then use those pictures for things like phone wallets, photo coffee mugs, and more make&takes! 

Example of glowing portable rink

Iceless Ice Skating Portable Rink

Our Iceless Ice Skating Rink is a full-size “sheet of ice” that we can bring right to your event for a 4-hour party! Zip around like your favorite speedskaters or figure skaters from the Olympics, complete with us providing the sound system and skates. 

Just like the Glow & Portable Rink, our Iceless Ice Skating Rink can be held either indoors or outdoors. If held outdoors, please make sure that you have a hard, flat surface for us to work with. If held inside, we have a plastics tarp that’s laid underneath in order to prevent scuffing your floors. Check out the Iceless Ice Skating page for more information! 

Contact Us to Get Your Fun College Events Set Up! 

Any questions regarding our portable roller rinks? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@neon-entertainment.com. You can also check out some of our previous writings where we’ve talked about our other fun college events! 

Speaking of checking out our previous writings, don’t forget to stay tuned to the Hot Mic Blog! We regularly post about why our college event entertainment is the best in business and highlight the talented artists on our roster. We’re also easily found on social media, especially Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube and Snapchat!

Reach out today to enquire or book any of these or our other events. Call us at 800-993-NEON, or get more information by emailing info@neon-entertainment.com.

Let’s make that spectacular college event you’ve envisioned real. The sooner you start planning, the sooner you can relax!


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