Three Engaging In-Person DIY Events For Your Students This Spring

Three Engaging In-Person DIY Events For Your Students This Spring

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon Entertainment! With the weather starting to warm soon, and many of the restrictions of previous years being lifted, we think it’s a great time to talk about some of our in-person events. Specifically, some of our DIY events offerings to get your students engaged and having fun. 

DIY events are a great choice because they allow you to host the engaging event you want, at a lower price point than having us handle the whole process for you. We simply ship the items to you, you set it up, run your event, and you ship it back at the conclusion (we send a return label). It’s the perfect way to run your own engaging student event on your terms at a more affordable rate! 

3 Engaging DIY Events For Your Students

DIY Arrow Tag

We ship all the materials needed for you to host your own arrow tag event. We’ll send the bows, arrows, inflatable bunkers, and an air pump to help you inflate the equipment. Up to six players per team can participate (for a total of 12 players at a time). Arrow tag combines the fast-paced fun of dodgeball with the thrill and satisfaction of tagging your opponent from paintball! Show off your Hunger Games-esque archery skills with DIY Arrow Tag!  

Check out further information about DIY Arrow Tag on our dedicated page

DIY Laser Tag

Need an event that can play just as well indoors or out? Look no further than DIY Laser Tag! We send the guns and obstacles, you set up the configuration you feel is the most fun, and then shoot away at your friends or coworkers. All the intensity of paintball without the painful projectiles, this game is perfect for team building. We send equipment for up to 16 players per game. 

Check out more information about DIY Laser Tag from our dedicated page! 

DIY Escape Room

Love escape rooms but don’t really know where any are nearby? How about you bring it to your campus! Run your own escape room event with our Crime Scene Investigator Escape Room. We send you two identical rooms that take about 15 minutes to complete (we can tune them to take longer or less time, depending on your needs). We send everything you need, from the game props, table covers, backdrops, and laptops that run it all. We also send some quick games guests can play while waiting in line and a photo booth! 

Video set-up instructions and pre-event training are included. Learn more about our DIY CSI Escape Room at our dedicated page! 

Contact Us To Get Your DIY Events Started! 

Any questions regarding our DIY event programs? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@neon-entertainment.com. You can also check out some of our previous writings where we’ve covered some of our DIY/Drop Ship offerings.

Speaking of checking out our previous writings, don’t forget to stay tuned to the Hot Mic Blog! We regularly post about why our college event entertainment is the best in business and highlight the talented artists on our roster. We’re also easily found on social media, especially Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube and Snapchat!

Reach out today to enquire or book any of these or our other events or artists. Call us at 800-993-NEON, or get more information by emailing info@neon-entertainment.com.

Let’s make that spectacular college event you’ve envisioned real. The sooner you start planning, the sooner you can relax!


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