Staying Virtual? | 3 Great Ideas For Your Next Student Event

Staying Virtual? | 3 Great Ideas For Your Next Student Event

title card for virtual student event blogAre your students ready to get back into the swing of things, but maybe not quite in-person yet? Does a virtual student event sound like a fun, affordable idea? Need any ideas for a rapidly approaching homecoming event?  Well here at Neon, we have a bevy of options for online activities for college students! Today, we’ll cover three fun activities for college students and even alumni that you can use for your next campus event booked through NEON.

Here are 3 Ideas to Use for Your Next Virtual Student Event!

Cyber Sorcery 

cyber sorcery is a perfect fit for a virtual student event

The man with millions of fans, Joseph Réohm is bringing his new show, Cyber Sorcery, to you. Joseph’s accolades include being the grand-prize winner of SyFy’s “Wizard Wars” and named APCA’s “Magician of the Year”. He was also a finalist for TruTV’s “Fake Off!”  However, those aren’t his only performances for scores of people. Réohm has also put on a show for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, and The CW’s “Penn and Teller: Fool Us” and “Masters of Illusion”.

And that’s just getting started, he’s performed on cruise ships and stages jam-packed with people all over the world, as well as at colleges and universities throughout the country. Joseph’s unique show blends his TV knowledge with his stage presence, paving the way for a mind-bending virtual experience. Not to mention, his tricks and sleight of hand will leave your students at a loss and eagerly awaiting what’s next! 

Different BINGO Games!

playlist bingo

Remember when we mentioned that our BINGO games were a perfect fit for your college? Well, Playlist BINGO is one of our ready-made games where we put on a show. “What’s Playlist Bingo,” I hear you asking. It’s our modern spin on that classic numbers-calling game. In this game, we put your knowledge of musical trivia is put to the test.  As you know, we take enormous pride in our ability to put together a game show, and we don’t cut corners here.

How exactly does it work?

This virtual game show is fairly simple. We’ll play a part of a song, and if you have the name of the artist on your card, fill it out. Match a row, column or diagonal and announce “Playlist BINGO!” to win! We plan for multiple games, so even if you don’t win the first time there’s another shot. 

Also, to keep things fair we like to use a few genres. Some of our favorites are TV theme songs, boy bands, 80s music, rock music, and rap! Of course, that’s not all and you can tailor the game however necessary, add more or take out whatever genres you want. 

We also offer a spinoff of this instant classic, Pride BINGO! These two Bingo games play the same, except Pride BINGO only features artists and performances that are a part of or embraced by the LGBTQA+ community. For example, popularly featured artists would include Elton John, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, RENT, and so many more.  Both of these BINGO games are perfect for both in-person and virtual college events!

Fresh Face Variety

alex babbitt funniest comedian

Fresh Face is a diverse, touring virtual variety show bringing a spectrum of performances to audiences. Alex Babbitt hosts this classic showcase of talent and has brought the show across the country. The show lines up three artists, each with a 15-minute set, to make up the content. Alex Babbitt provides the hilarity and comedic stylings seeded throughout the show. 

We even leave room at the end of the show for the audience to showcase their own talents! You get to show off your stuff in this 5-minute segment.  You never know who has a unique talent ready to wow everyone until they bring it out. 

Contact Us!

Get in touch with Neon Entertainment today by calling us at 800-993-NEON or filling out a contact form today! These are far from our only offerings, we have so much more to bring to you. These ideas for virtual college events are a fun starting point but take a look around to really make your event unique. You can tailor your own game shows, try out a scavenger hunt, bring ideas to life with take and makes, and more. All in all, Neon Entertainment has your student event covered and sure to be a good time, virtual or in-person. 

Remember to “Like” us on Facebook and follow our Instagram to stay up to date with what Neon is up to! Also, you can track our blog where we post about event ideas, cool and fun ways to engage students, spotlight artists, and more. Your incredible student activity is just a phone call away, so get started today! 


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