5 Reasons to Book a Game Show with Neon

5 Reasons to Book a Game Show with Neon

We are a dedicated squad of college event bookers who help student activities planners all over the country to book, market and execute amazing college events. From anything like Freshman Orientation and homecoming weekend, to graduation events and Senior Send Offs, event planning isn’t easy. That’s why we are here! We take the tough stuff off your hands by helping you to understand the process every step of the way. We are seasoned in the event planning industry and we are one of the original providers of customized, live game shows. Check out our full catalog of opportunities for events, (we have quite a bit) but today we wanted to talk to you about WHY game shows are better with NEON, than any imitator out there.

To give you an idea of the level of engagement and excitement around our Game Show events, we compiled a few figures from this past spring semester..

If you’re looking to put on a Game Show Event, here’s 5 reasons why you should Book with Neon Entertainment.

Over 850 Students Yelled BINGO!

We recently talked about how we are re-writing what people think of when they think of “BINGO”. Who doesn’t love BINGO!? With our live game show events, you have choices when it comes to budget and execution. Whether you choose to have a live host in-person, on campus, or choose to have our remote host option to save a few bucks, you will be able to have students play from ANYWHERE. Everything is interactive and allows for high engagement on campus, and off! BINGO is a great way to help with trending topics like diversity and inclusion as well, check out Pride Bingo!

Join Over 17,500 Players Who’ve Participated

When we started doing virtual game shows during the pandemic, we did it out of necessity. We worked perilously to provide students with a great experience despite not being able to get together in person. As everyone battled to stay safe and sound, virtual college events were able to reach new heights in terms of engagement. Despite not being able to attend in person events, we actually saw an INCREASE in total students engaging. We determined in our world, especially post-pandemic, people enjoy engaging remotely!

$128,400 Cash Prize Money Given Out

Ok, so maybe we aren’t Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but that’s not too shabby! What’s the best part about a game show? Depending who you ask you may get a different answer, but for many competitors, it’s the MONEY. Our game show events include designated cash prizes for winners! If cash is not appropriate for any reason, we also have gift card options available. Serving up game shows all over the US equated to almost $130K in total prize money for lucky winners!

34 Totally Different Game Shows

You have options. We don’t only have BINGO games, we have all the classics AND THEN SOME. We couldn’t call ourselves experts of the art of the game show if we only had a few options. Over the years we’ve continued to provide some of America’s favorite game shows, but also invented totally original games that students love! Check out the full list of options, and remember, you don’t need to do the same show twice! You could have multiple games on one night, or several nights of your favorite game! Have an idea for a game show? Let’s hear it! We’ve also done custom game shows!

Over 25,000 Trivia Questions Asked

You can have trivia about your school or organization, or just about ANYTHING. Check out our trivia games which feature popular music, movies & TV, as well as trending topics. Just in the last spring semester, we asked students over 25K questions!

If you have a question about putting on a game show for your school, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can talk to a college booking agent today and we can help navigate you through the process. If you’re a seasoned vet, you know what to do and we can make it as seamless as possible!


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