BINGO – 3 Reasons Why Bingo is a Perfect Booking for Your College

BINGO – 3 Reasons Why Bingo is a Perfect Booking for Your College

image for blog post about bingo events for collegesWhat’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word BINGO? If it’s old ladies and the smell of a church gymnasium, then we are here to change that.

We are a provider of live in person and virtual entertainment for colleges all over the US. You may know all about us, but if so, this here serves as ammo to go tell someone else about us and why they should choose Neon for all colleve event ideas! We provide more insight here on our blog, as well as our social media where you can follow along with other college student event planners and gain key insights into how to run a great college event!

Game shows are something we take HUGE pride in, having been one of the biggest baddest live game show providers in the country. When the pandemic hit, and everyone was forced indoors with no idea of what comes next, we were forced to get creative. We never could have imagined the amount of engagement and number of inspiring virtual events!

We now look at our business as VIP-Virtual AND In Person… and that goes for just about any of our live college event ideas. If we did it before the pandemic, you can count on us having a virtual variation that is focused on providing a great experience, at a slightly more affordable rate. Many student planners have filled up their semester with more bang for their buck, using several different virtual live events instead of 1 big main live event. How will you use your budget this fall?

One great way to make sure you get great engagement is … you got it..


Here’s 3 reasons to check out our Live Virtual Bingo Game Shows for your next college event!

Who Doesn’t Love Competing?

Game shows, and BINGO games particularly are always a fun addition when you have a big group and no plan. Feel free to peruse about our game show options, but regardless of what game you pick, we can almost guarantee you will have great engagement. From the moment we offered Game Shows with one of our original comedians and OG host Adam Ace, it was clear this was a hit with the college market. Everyone loves having fun with a little healthy competition!

Who Doesn’t Love Comedy?

Each of our professional Game Show Bingo hosts are professionally trained in the Art of hosting, but guess what? They’re also COMEDIANS. We don’t just put any jabroni up there, we pick the cream of the crop. It takes a lot of skill to be a game show host! That’s one big reason why having Neon run your live game show is a great choice, we bring everything you need for a great night of laughs.

You Can Customize Your BINGO Game

With over 25 different game show options, we give you the freedom of choice to pick what type of evening you want to have. Throughout the year, as different areas of focus are honored like Pride Week for instance, we offer customized BINGO games that serve up fun and also help grow awareness of great causes. Be sure to ask about our Diversity and Inclusion events! If you’re looking for something that may help spur a bit of school spirit… ask about customizing your own BINGO game!

As you can see, we are dead set in rewiring your image of the glorious game of BINGO. When you’re with your favorite people, your competing, and laughing, there’s really nothing better. Welp, maybe those old ladies were onto something after all… Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn the latest on what’s up at Neon!



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