Zero Shades Of Gray | College Sexual Assault Awareness

Zero Shades Of Gray | College Sexual Assault Awareness

There’s no doubt that this is a sensitive and difficult topic to speak openly about. The result is that many college students would rather ignore the subject altogether. This is why laws like Title IX make it mandatory for campus administrators to educate students on how to prevent and deal with occurrences of sexual assault.  To meet your Ttle IX requirements, we offer a three separate sexual assault awareness programs or all three can be put together as a trilogy. Here’s what you need to know about the full Zero Shades® trilogy.

An Interactive Live Seminar

Historically, most college sexual assault awareness programs are used almost as a scare tactic. At Neon Entertainment, we realize that does not work; that’s why Zero Shades® takes a different approach.  Our trilogy speakers share a combination of statistics and real life stories from victims of sexual assault.

Rather than trying to scare students straight with the harsh reality of sexual assault on campus, we focus on educating and empowering students while at the same time entertaining them.  The idea is to eliminate the stigma that often results in sweeping the conversation under the rug. The seminar is a mix of interactive entertainment and education; leaving students equipped with safe practices for better decision-making.

What Will Students Learn From The Zero Shades Trilogy?

Standard information like the laws and campus policies regarding sexual assault will always be covered. Students will learn how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations. The Trilogy also focuses on helping students better understand significant topics like personal boundaries and what consent really means.

Prevention is an important part of the equation but it isn’t the only focus. The program delves deep into creating a brave space for victims on campus. An empowering campus culture supports survivors to have the deeper conversation about sexual assault and share their stories.

Here’s a quick look at each step of this three part program. Our trilogy provides different presentations, from awareness to prevention, to coping with Sexual Assault.

Zero Shades of Gray

This first tier college sexual assault awareness program covers all the bases for Title IX compliance.  Though the content is sensitive, it is delivered in a high-energy way, and interacts with students to keep them engaged.  This level of the program is the perfect fit for a summer orientation event that will entertain students and get them ready for college life.

Zero Shades Darker

The second part of the program is designed to pick up where Zero Shades of Gray left off.  Here, our sexual assault speakers delve more deeply into how to support victims. The idea is to create a safe space for students to discuss this topic and share their personal experiences.  Book it for an early semester date to refresh and build on the information from new student orientation.

Zero Shades Freed

The final installment of this program series further builds on the core principles of the first two.  Here the theme is shifted toward focusing on the future rather than getting dragged down by the past. The goal is to empower students to cultivate positive relationships and impact those around them.  Once this program is finished, your students will have completed the entire series and can start helping transform the culture around campus.

We know that sexual assault is both an important and difficult topic to discuss on campus.  That’s why our college sexual assault awareness speakers are determined to make your next event an engaging one.  If you’re looking for a program that is Title IX compliant and really connects with students, our Zero Shade of Gray series is perfect for you.  Contact us today for help booking your next campus event.


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