Zero Shades Darker

Zero Shades Darker

ZERO SHADES® DARKER is the follow-up conversation to Zero Shades of Gray. It ensures that we create a brave space—and subsequently, an empowering campus culture—that supports survivors and their champions to have the deeper conversation about sexual assault and share their stories in order to build trust, stability, and confidence to move forward. It’s about helping victims to transform from being a survivor to a creator of their bigger future. Most of all, it’s about all to move from feeling powerless, to feeling powerful. Darker program is ideal for non-mandatory audiences that have already experienced Zero Shades Of Gray (a prerequisite), as well as student leaders, Higher Education Professionals and Educators…and it’s a must for making a lasting impact.

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Zero Shades

“Zero Shades is an amazing program! We cannot imagine the Big E Welcome [for 2,000 students] without it. You helped us give our students exactly what we needed to give them. It also started a great conversation with our intervention team staff (the police, counseling center, advisors, etc.) to prevent assaults from happening. Nothing but good things to say!”

— The Intervention Team, Eastern Kentucky University

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