Zero Shades Freed

Zero Shades Freed

ZERO SHADES® FREED is the third installment of the trilogy. It’s about making our future bigger than our past. We empower students to cultivate positive and healthy relationships, change the way they think about sex, and ultimately become a Zero Shades Advocate to build a movement that challenges everyone to reflect on the kind of culture we are creating in our community. This program is ideal for students and professionals who have experienced Gray and Darker……and it’s a must for transforming the campus culture.

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Zero Shades

“You made an instant connection with the audience and delivered difficult content in a manner that was relatable and not preachy. What I appreciate about the program [Zero Shades] is that it cuts through the “clutter” of Title IX, VAWA, Cleary, etc. and provides the audience with a clear message… Feedback from students was positive and appreciative of both the information and the manner in which it was delivered. Thanks so much for being such a great educational partner!”

— Chris Jachimowicz, Millersville University

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