Pop-up Programs | Cool Events For College Students

Pop-up Programs | Cool Events For College Students

College event planners play an important role in shaping the social framework of their university.  Freshmen students looking for that first year experience expect to find fun campus events where they can meet their new classmates.  The problem is, coming up with unique campus event ideas can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, Neon Entertainment has a variety of new ideas for college events that’ll help keep things interesting.  Check out some of our fun pop-up programs that will give students the opportunity to hangout and have a great time.

Pop-Up Glow Night

How do you take an ordinary campus event and turn it into something amazing?  Simple, just add a blacklight and you instantly bring a party-like atmosphere to your function.  That’s one of the reasons our Pop-Up Glow Night is so popular on college campuses. The glow night comes with our 9-hole Glow Mini Golf. There are few activities that bring out a student’s competitive fire more than mini golf. When you book this event you’ll get all the clubs and balls you need for students to try out our Mini Golf course. Then, choose between our Glow Roller Rink or Blacklight Bowling. Our Glow Roller Rink comes complete with skates, lights, music and glow accessories. Or, get 4 lanes of Bowling with bowling balls, a scoring systems and of course high quality black lights. Add on Silent Disco for even more fun.

Pop-Up Union Bash

Fill your union with fun!  We bring everything you need to make your student union an entertainment destination for your students! The Union Bash pop-up comes with several different options to create a unique experience, tailored to your campus. Choose between items like the Portable Glow Bowling, Glow Mini Golf, Photo Make & Takes, Silent Disco, Pop-Up Game Show, Photo Booth, and our DIY make-and-take Create-A-Creatures. Make sure to check out all of our Union Bash Options

Pop-Up Fun Zone

The video game industry is booming.  With giants like Fortnite leading the way, the current E-Games movement has exploded and more young people are playing than ever before.  This is big news for universities as e-game sports continue to grow on campuses across the country. At Neon Entertainment we offer a Pop-Up event to create a Mobile Arcade event that caters to all types of  students. E-Games can be paired with our Blacklight Bowling and Mini Golf to transform your venue into a your favorite arcade with something for everyone.

Pop-Up Game Show

This fun campus event is exactly what it sounds like.  We’ll set you up with a small booth where students can stop by and participate in real game show challenges.  This pop up program features fun mini games that will only take about 5 to 10 minutes. You can have our host set up in your student union or another high traffic area and students can stop by and play on their way to class.  Not only will the participants have a fun time competing, but our Pop-Up Game Show will be a riot for all the onlookers as well.

Scheduling fun campus events is an important part of every university’s social scene.  If you need help coming up with creative ideas that will get students excited about campus life, look to Neon Entertainment.  Our catalog of Pop-Up programs has a good variety of events so you’re sure to find something that all your students will enjoy.  Give us a call at 1-800-993-NEON or drop us a text at 716-836-6366 for help booking your next campus events.


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