Pop-Up Events

Pop-Up Events

What do you get when you book a Pop-Up Event?
Our Pop-Up events convert your venue into a Campus Carnival, a wildly funny Game Show set, a Glowing Amusement, a Designers Dream Studio, a Retro Gaming Center, a Peaceful Spa, or an Ultimate Arcade.  These limited-time opportunities will have students eager to partake in all of the activities being offered! We took the “pop” out of popular and put it into our POP-UP events! Our Pop-Up events are some of our most preferred events packaged to be your one-stop solution to transform your venue into an exclusive experience for your campus! Choose your Pop-Up event now and contact your Neon agent to book! 


Game Show

Glow Night

Fun Zone

Union Bash

Design Studio

Zen Zone

Retro Game Night