5 Campus Event Programs Perfect For Spring Welcome Week

5 Campus Event Programs Perfect For Spring Welcome Week

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Coming up with ideas for college events is no small task.  With so many different options available it can be difficult to know what will bring the best student interaction.  As the fall semester comes to a close, college event planners need to shift their focus to scheduling events for spring welcome week before it’s too late.  If you’re struggling to find the best college event ideas for the coming semester, allow us to make some suggestions. Here are 5 programs that are always a hit during welcome week festivities.

College Game Shows

If there are two things we know about the typical college student, it’s that they love exciting events and they’re usually desperate for extra cash.  Booking college game show events is the perfect way to satisfy both of these needs. Events like Trivia Night On Campus, The Roommate Game, and Cellphone Smackdown always make for a wild time as students compete for real cash prizes.  To book any of these events or similar style programs, check out our complete list of college game show experiences.

College Leadership Speakers

Though some students might disagree, college isn’t all about fun and games.  It’s also important that students have opportunities to grow and develop skills that will help them when they hit the job market.  Leadership skills in particular are some of the most targeted characteristics of job seekers nowadays. That’s why scheduling college leadership speakers is always a good idea, especially during welcome week. Some topics aren’t easy to talk about, but we have 2 newer programs, SARA, and Pure Praxis, which do an amazing job of helping to educate in an engaging and comfortable way. 

College Social Event Ideas

Giving students opportunities to meet new people and establish new relationships is what Welcome Week is all about.  College icebreakers are always favorites of new and returning students alike. Programs like Paint Social, The Original Butt Sketch and Live Unplugged Karaoke are always popular choices among the student body.  Booking fun campus events like these for Spring Welcome Week is a great way to jumpstart the year’s social scene. We also have some amazing relaxation programs to help your students take a breather as they enter the end of the semester. 

College Life Skills Programs

For many students, college is their first taste of being out on their own.  Most students will be able to figure out how to survive but few have the background to really thrive.  As a campus administrator, you can schedule informative courses that will help students learn skills to improve their day-to-day routine.  Cooking with Chef Egg is the perfect example, where students can learn basic cooking skills that will last them a lifetime.

Campus Party Events

Everyone knows that college students love a good party.  Why not schedule a crazy campus party event to get the new semester started off with a bang?  Students get to be active and can meet new people right before they have to start hitting the books.  Our Portable Roller Rink and Silent Disco packages are great options and are always two of our most popular college party events. We also have a bunch of amazing Glow Programs to help get your night party started! Need a DJ? We’ve got those too!

No matter what type of college events you want to plan for Spring Welcome Week, Neon Entertainment has you covered.  We offer hundreds of different programs and entertainers that are specifically targeted for campus events. Call to speak with one of our college entertainment booking agents today to make sure the events you want aren’t all booked up!


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