College Leadership Speakers For Your Next Campus Event

College Leadership Speakers For Your Next Campus Event

It’s easy to think of Neon Entertainment solely as a company that provides some of the coolest campus events around.  This is understandable as we do offer some of the most fun campus activities and best artists/comedians who tour the college circuit.  But alongside those wonderful events we offer a full roster of speakers that will educate and engage your students as well.

Everybody loves a good party or an exciting show and many students go to college with those things in mind.  However, it’s also important to provide activities that will help prepare students for their future. One of the most beneficial types of events for students that we offer is our selection of leadership speakers.  

Did you know that leadership is one of the most sought after traits in the job market today?  These campus events will teach students all the essential tools they need to become effective leaders.  Here are 5 of our most popular leadership events that you can book for your upcoming campus schedule.

The DNA Of Leadership

This program is kind of like a crash course in learning all the important elements of being a leader.  Students will learn about how to apply 10 crucial principles that every successful leader needs to know.  These topics range from becoming a better communicator and learning how to inspire people to silence negativity and learning how to deal with difficult people.  The DNA of Leadership is one of our most highly rated programs and has a rebooking rate of 92 percent!

I’m Engaged

This title is less about being engaged in a marital sense and more about teaching students how to make an impact on campus.  This program is presented by Mike Fritz, who has spoken at hundreds of different college events over the years. Mike’s mission is all about helping college’s grow their student engagement.  This program is a perfect outlet for training club officials in how to draw more student interest and get more people involved with their organizations.

Serious Leadership

This program provides serious content and life lessons in a very un-serious way.  Rather than deliver a boring old lecture about how to become an effective leader, Michael Dean Ester uses comedy to help drive his points home.  In fact one of his core concepts is about using humor as a tool to become a better leader.  Michael has been nominated as both Comedian of the Year and Performer of the Year by the NACA and APCA conferences.

How To Magically Connect With Anyone

Meeting new people at college can be difficult for some students.  Brian Miller hosts this event with the goal of teaching students how to better connect with the people around them.  Brian is what makes this program so unique because in addition to being a moving speaker, he is also a talented magician!  Brian performs various tricks while educating students on the importance of being active listeners; one of the most important skills any good leader must have.

The Student Leadership Challenge Experience

This event is more than just your average instructional college program.  It is a hardcore exhibition that teaches students the “5 key practices of exemplary leadership” and puts them to the test.  Quality lecture material mixed with engaging activities gives students a chance to work on their leadership skills in real time.  This campus event has three different tiers of length and information so you can determine what you think will be the most beneficial student experience.

Neon Entertainment is your one-stop-shop for booking all kinds of exciting and informational campus events.  Contact us today if you need help with booking or would like more information about these programs or any of the other packages we offer.


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