The DNA of Leadership

presented by Mike Fritz


Increase student engagement by 25%

This is the program to fast-track your students’ leadership skills by giving them the 10 essential elements that exist in EVERY successful leader.  The workplace is intensely looking for people that not only know what these 10 elements are but know what to do with them.  This is a transformative leadership experience that leaves your students more equipped to lead their clubs and organizations, themselves and make a positive mark on your campus.

In this program your students learn:

  • Why their personal growth is so important to leadership
  • How to communicate in a way that inspires people to action
  • How to silence the negativity in your life and build circles of influence that keep you motivated as a leader
  • Why integrity is so valuable to your leadership
  • How to deal with difficult people

This program is a foundational must for your students’ leadership development.

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When you book Mike you are entitled to 100 Free Books to give your student leaders and staff ($2000 value)


Mike Fritz

“Mike [Fritz] did a great job. He had the students laughing and then learning. He also stayed after and engaged with our students.”

— Rosalinda Martinez, Student Activities Coordinator, Wabonsee Community College

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