The DNA of Leadership

The DNA of Student Leadership

presented by Mike Fritz

Increase student engagement by 25%

What is it that makes up a great student leader? In a world where connection and great leaders are needed more now than ever what is the best way to build and inspire student leaders?

The DNA of a Leader program was designed to answer this exact question. There are 5 ‘strands’ of leadership that will help shape students into the kind of leaders the work place and the world is looking for. Much of the leadership training today is theoretical and lacks practical application so students are left not know what to do with the information. The minute that your students complete the DNA of a Student Leader training they will tangle steps to laud the the 5 strands of leadership that will position them for impact.

Growing clubs and organizations, event attendance and overall engagement is first and foremost a leadership endeavor. The DNA of a Student Leader will leave your students inspired and ready to engage more fully in the mission on campus!

In this program your students learn:
>Why their personal growth is so important to leadership
>How to communicate in a way that inspires people to action
>How to silence the negativity in your life and build circles of influence that keep you motivated as a leader
>Why integrity is so valuable to your leadership
>How to deal with difficult people

This program is a foundational must for your students’ leadership development.

(NOTE: This program has a 60-90 minute keynote track and a 4 hour training track depending on your campus and event needs).

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Mike Fritz

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