I’m Engaged presented by Mike Fritz

I’m Engaged

presented by Mike Fritz


Increase student engagement by 25%

The Ultimate 3 Step Guide to Recruit, Retain and Reproduce Engaged Leaders on Campus

What if your clubs and organizations could grow by 25% every single semester; by leveraging a proven system?

Recruiting, retaining and reproducing club and organization leaders is a lot easier than many student leaders think. It’s really only about 3 things; when they are present clubs and orgs grow and flourish, when they aren’t they shrink, it’s that simple.

The program I’m Engaged is Mike Fritz’s signature program to effectively and predictably recruit, retain and reproduce effective leaders in your clubs and organizations campus wide. This is THE program that student coordinators all over the country, just like you, trust to train and equip their current leaders to make a bigger impact on campus and grow their clubs and organizations by 25% in a year.

After speaking to over 150,000 students Mike clubs and organizations all over the courtly are using this system to attract students both virtually and in person. This program is the missing link between your clubs and organizations and students that are not yet engaged. Mike is on a mission to help campus around the country grow their engagement by 25% every single semester and you could be the next success story. This program is booked year after year (some schools as much as 7 times) to train and equip students that can go and engage your campus.

In this session you’re students will learn how to…
> Create a steady stream of students to your clubs and organizations
> Connect with students on a deeper level so that retention is seamless and effortless
> How to build a strong team so that people want to be a part of campus life
> How to market effectively to attract people to your virtual and in person events

(NOTE: This program has a 60-90 minute keynote track and a 4 hour training track depending on your campus and event needs)

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When you book Mike you are entitled to 100 Free Books to give your student leaders and staff ($2000 value)


Mike Fritz

Mike was awesome!

— Kathy, Mount Wachusett Community College

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