Get Engaged presented by Mike Fritz

Get Engaged

presented by Mike Fritz


Increase student engagement by 25%

This is Mike’s orientation and welcome week program that makes the first experience your students have on campus one they won’t forget.  This program is foundational to a students’ college experience. In this program Mike walks them through the 5 secrets for college success and inspires them to get involved in student organizations, campus life, attend events and build lasting relationships while on your campus.This is the program that teaches your students what you, as their advisors and coordinators, want them to hear. It is proven that the students who are involved in campus life get better grades, become the majority of the alumni donors and enjoy their college experience more! In this program, students are encouraged to get and stay involved on campus right from the beginning of their college experience.

Student Engagement is much easier to attain if it’s done from the start.  This program gets your students started off with the idea that getting engaged is a major part of having a vibrant and successful college experience.

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When you book Mike you are entitled to 100 Free Books to give your student leaders and staff ($2000 value)


Mike Fritz

“Mike Fritz was great. He was punctual, flexible and connected well with the students.”

— Penn State University – Hazleton

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