College Glow Events | Campus Event Ideas

College Glow Events | Campus Event Ideas

If you’re an event coordinator for a university you have a tough job.  You need to schedule fun campus events that will draw a crowd but you also need variety.  That’s where our college booking agency, Neon Entertainment, really stands out. Sure we can help you when booking a comedian or live music act, but we truly take pride in our diverse selection of unique campus events.

This week we’d like to talk about some of the cool college glow events we offer.  Just think about it, what better way is there to enhance any event than by adding blacklights?  Glow events are the perfect fit for any college party atmosphere. Here’s a quick description of some of our most popular glow events that are available for booking.

Glow Roller Rink

If you’ve followed our weekly blog in the past you might be familiar with our portable roller rink packages.  One of those packages includes all the tools required to turn an ordinary skate party into a full on skating disco!  We’ll not only deliver you the skates, rink and sound system you need but we’ll throw in custom blacklight equipment to make the party pop.  Pair the glow rink with a free neon t-shirt giveaway to make sure everyone is lighting up.

Blacklight Bowling

Our new state-of-the-art bowling set up has everything you need to to make any room into a full functioning Bowling Alley. That’s right! We bring 4 bowling lanes with a ball return, scoring system, bowling balls, and glow lights right to your event.

Blacklight Foam Dance Party

Dance parties are the prototypical social college event.  Students enjoy them as they get to dance with friends and meet new people at the same time.  Blacklights and a foam dance floor add intrigue to an already exciting event. This is a great way to help students let loose in a safe environment and forget about the stress of college life for a few hours.

Blacklight Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love mini golf?  It’s always been a great time for kids, teens and adults alike.  Most of us remember going to the local putt-putt course as a child and trying to get that elusive hole-in-one.  Our cosmic mini golf event will bring back those cherished memories with an aesthetic twist. This is a great college event idea that will keep students entertained for hours at a time.

Glow Bazooka Ball

Have you heard of the new bazooka ball craze that is sweeping across college campuses nationwide?  If not, it’s basically a fast paced combination of laser tag and paintball. Teams of students can sign up and engage in battle in this completely safe and pain-free sport.  Scoring vests, bazooka ball launchers, and plenty of ammo are included to bring you a kind of competition that you’ve never seen before. It’s a great physical activity that campus administrators can provide to help students blow off a little steam.

Giant Light Bright

Lite Brite was one of the coolest fads of the twentieth century.  Students who remember playing with this toy as a child will go nuts when they see this large scale replica.  This campus event provides the perfect creative outlet for students to express themselves and works as a well deserved distraction from those exams around the corner.  One thing is certain, rent our giant light bright and you can watch imagination merge with nostalgia in this unique campus event.

If you’re looking for some different kinds of campus event ideas, we’ve got you covered.  Neon Entertainment is the only college booking agents where you can find such a variety of cool college events.  If you’re interested in one of these events or any of our other awesome glow activities, give us a call today for more information on booking.


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