3 Incredible Special Events to Consider in the Early Spring 2024 Semester

3 Incredible Special Events to Consider in the Early Spring 2024 Semester

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog from Neon Entertainment! Here on the blog, we like to make the student planner’s lives easier by providing some ideas for a fun college event. From comedians to game shows, Neon has just about anything you need to create the most spectacular event of the year! With the Fall 2023 semester ending, it’s time to start thinking about your programming for the Spring 2024 semester. But since the first part of the semester is still cold and inclement, let’s focus on some activities you can bring inside.  Today, let’s talk about 3 of our incredible special events! 


E-Games is the ultimate video game attraction for your event! The intense competition, and crowds cheering for insane combos, bring it to your campus with E Games. Imagine rows full of consoles playing your favorite games, put up on a large projection screen or our giant inflatable screen. 

Remember that thrill of tossing your friends off and guarding the ledge in SSB? How about loading up a private lobby for your favorite shooter and finding who has the best shot and movement? Bring that thrill to campus with E Games! We provide consoles and games, from retro classics to modern powerhouses. We even have VR! Check out the E-Games page for more information. 

X-Treme Racing 

X-Treme Racing brings all the fun of ripping through the streets to campus with a full arcade style racing setup! We can run xtreme racing with 4 or 8 seats. Arcade style systems with force feedback wheels and pedals really put your students in the driver’s seat, feeling like they’re tearing up the tarmac and racing at 200mph.  

Each racer has their own cockpit with an HDTV, PlayStation, and an assortment of racing games to find out who’s the most elite driver! From Formula 1 to DiRT to NASCAR,. There’s an option for everyone! 

Virtual Reality

 Jump into the immersive world of VR with Neon’s Virtual Reality games! We have a wide variety of available games, with genres spanning action, adventure, guided meditation, sports, strategy, and more! 

And that isn’t getting into our seasonal offerings through VR, like a Halloween favorite Dead Ahead VR and others. VR from Neon gives your student body a unique and memorable experience they’ll be asking you to bring back time and again. Check out this review from a previous school: 

“Virtual reality was amazing!!! The students loved It, I loved it! Definitely having it back next semester!” – Fernanda Frey, Union College

Get Your Party Started with Neon! 

Speaking of checking out our stuff, don’t forget to bookmark the Hot Mc Blog for more incredible and engaging event ideas. Our entertainment is the best in business and we love to show it off! On the topic of keeping tabs, you can also find us easily on social media, especially Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about booking one of these special events for your next fun college event. Contact us at info@neon-entertainment.com or call us at 800-993-NEON. Our team is ready to assist you in making your fun college event a reality. Start your planning today!


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