Mobile Arcade

The ultimate console video game attraction for any event! We proudly use official Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii products and (8) 32″ HDTV’s or (4) 15’ inflatable screens to give our clients the most electrifying gaming experience possible. Imagine rows of your favorite video games that can be put any where for your party or event.  Each screen is optimal for one or two players.


Choose from: (4) 15’ inflatable screens or (8) 32” HDTV’s


Pick your system(s): Wii, XBox & PS3  (including XBox Kinect & Playstation Move)


Choose your games (including but not limited to):

• Call of Duty Black Ops

• Madden Football

• NHL Hockey

• Arcade Classics

• Playstation Move Games: SOCOM, Sport, Racquet Sports)

• Trivia Game

• XBox Kinect Games: Dance Central, Sports & Adventures)


• Mario Kart

• Wii Sports & Resort

Also ask about our Wii Cosmic Bowling or Xtreme Snowboarding.


15‘x60‘x15’ (For Inflatable Screens)

20‘x30’ (For 32” HDTVs)

1 Table

Power Requirement:

2 (20A Cir.)

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