4 Halloween-Focused Events To Boost Your Spooky, Spectacular Celebration

4 Halloween-Focused Events To Boost Your Spooky, Spectacular Celebration

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon! We’re sure you’re busy getting everything sorted with all your students coming back to campus. With that influx of students, comes a rush of getting events put together before all the best days and times are booked for Halloween-Focused Events. 

Think ahead to your first major event, Halloween, today! Instead of making you scroll and scroll for our Halloween offerings, allow us to lay out four of our popular Halloween Appropriate Game Shows and Events for you to consider for your upcoming monster bash! Read on and find a new favorite! 

Survive the Endless Night: Dead Ahead VR

Enter the Hero Zone and experience this truly unique game play out with you controlling the action. The apocalypse has descended upon humanity, and you and your friends are making the last stand against the undead. Each wave ups the difficulty with faster zombies and more pressure. Games typically run 10-15 minutes each and supports 1-6 players simultaneously.

Fun Halloween Game Show: Hallowingo 

One of our most popular Halloween-focused game shows, Hallowingo, is available for you to book. Hallowingo is our fun spin on the classic number-calling game! Remember the rules for Playlist Bingo? Let’s run through a refresher.

We have a playlist tailor-made for Halloween with monster smash hits and haunted beats! One of our professional comedian hosts will play a part of a song, and if it’s on your card, mark it off. Once 5 in a row have been connected either in a row, column or diagonal, you win by shouting Hallowingo! 

Wander the Wizarding World: Wizard Trivia!

Get dressed up with your favorite witches hat and/or wizard robes and be prepared to recall some classic Harry Potter trivia! Wizard Trivia tests your knowledge in all areas of witchcraft and wizardry. Do you consider yourself an expert in all things Hogwarts? Put that knowledge to the test! This fast-paced trivia game gets the entire audience engaged and participating so that you can separate the fans from the fanatics. This franchise has 7 novels and 8 movies, so make sure you brush up! 

Fun Halloween Game Show: Trick or Trivia! 

Ding Dong! But instead of hearing trick-or-treat, you’ll be playing Trick or Trivia! How much do you know about the spookiest time of the year? Let’s find out with this spooky, scary, spectacular game show! Players compete in a multiple-choice trivia contest that’ll quiz your knowledge on what’s a truth or trick. And we have the treats to spread! 

Game Show Gameplay

All of our game shows are hosted by a professional comedian and include $200 in CASH prizes (other prize options available)! Want to up the pot? That’s now available! If you don’t win, don’t worry, because we plan to play for four rounds. We can also allow for more or fewer rounds on request. 

Choose Your Format! 

Curious about bundle offers? Speak to a Neon Representative for options on bundling entertainment together.

Live In-Person Game Shows: Let our seasoned comedian bring the game show magic right to your doorstep, ensuring a memorable live experience.

Virtual/Live-Streamed Game Shows: Experience the game show magic from anywhere in the world. Hosted on Zoom by our comedic experts, this format promises wider accessibility, enhanced flexibility, and a hassle-free setup, thanks to cutting-edge tech.

Inflatable, Big Screen Game Shows: Combine the intimacy of in-person events with the reach of live streaming. Our team assists in broadcasting the game show to your chosen venue, while our comedian ensures a larger-than-life experience on the big screen. The best part? Everyone’s a part of the action with our all-inclusive audience engagement.

Get Your Game On! 

Any questions about our Halloween-focused events? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be glad to answer your questions about these or any of our other offerings. Don’t forget to check back with the Hot Mic Blog throughout the semester and school year for more fun college events ideas. Speaking of following along, check out our social media, you can find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Reach out today to book these game shows and/or events, or to book any of our other offerings! We have so much to choose from between game shows, live entertainment, unique novelty items, and so much more. Call us at 1.800.NEON or email at info@neon-entertainment.com for more information. If you’re ready to book, reach out! Let’s make your next fun college event extra special, together.


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