6 Stress Relieving Programs for Your Next Event

6 Stress Relieving Programs for Your Next Event

In a world where stress is everywhere, Neon Entertainment would like to offer a much-needed break, giving participants a chance to relax, connect, and focus on their well-being. Neon Entertainment handles the details and we understand the vital role of integrating stress relief into event experiences. It’s about more than unique activities—it’s ensuring your attendees not only have a good time but also walk away feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Planning stress-free events can be as simple as contacting Neon Entertainment. We bring not just experiences, but also all necessary supplies and professional staff to execute the event effortlessly, minimizing the workload for activity programmers.

1. Mobile Splatter Room

Let Neon Entertainment transform any space into a stress-busting zone with the Mobile Splatter Room. Participants are provided head-to-toe gear and are free to splatter washable paint without the worry of cleanup. This creative expression provides a therapeutic release, making it a uniquely stress-relieving experience.

2. Two Deep Breaths

Two Deep Breaths combines live music, gentle yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations, all led by the skilled Shanice Green. This program offers a holistic approach to stress relief as Shanice herself comes to your location, guiding participants through a combination of soothing music, mindful movement, and positive affirmations. The experience creates a profound sense of calm, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation for all participants.

3. Mobile Rage Rooms

With Neon Entertainment’s Mobile Rage Room, the setup and operation of this program are expertly handled. Participants can unleash stress responsibly, provided with safety gear and a baseball bat for an authentic and controlled outlet to release pent-up tension. The physical act of obliterating objects becomes a powerful stress-relieving activity, all seamlessly executed by Neon Entertainment for a hassle-free experience.

4. DIY Stress Balls

Get your attendees involved with the DIY Stress Balls program, a hands-on stress relief activity. Neon Entertainment makes it easy for you by sending all the needed supplies directly to your location. Crafting stress balls using balloons and rice is a simple yet effective way to ease tension. Our aim is to ensure a hassle-free experience, so you can focus on creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for your event.

5. DIY Zen Gardens

Bring tranquility to your next event with our DIY Zen Garden program—all supplies conveniently sent directly to your location. As you craft delicate sand patterns, arrange smooth stones, and use a tiny rake, you’ll foster mindfulness and inner peace. Engaging with the Zen Garden becomes a meditative and stress-relieving experience, creating a relaxing addition to your event.

6. Mobile Axe Throwing

Let us amp up the excitement and turn your space into the ultimate stress-relief zone with our Mobile Axe Throwing program. This thrilling experience not only offers a unique and invigorating way to release tension by throwing axes but also transforms your venue into a safe space for an unforgettable experience. With certified axe masters guiding the way, get ready for a dynamic addition to your event.

Spruce up your events with Neon Entertainment’s stress-busting experiences. Whether it’s unleashing creativity, finding holistic relaxation, or enjoying controlled physical outlets, our programs cater to all preferences. Reach out to Neon Entertainment for stress-relieving events that practically plan themselves—we bring experiences, supplies, and a professional crew, making event planning a walk in the park for activity programmers. Craft a memorable event that seamlessly blends excitement and stress relief!


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