Mobile Rage Rooms

Mobile Rage Rooms

Discover a unique way to unleash your stress and find true relief in our authentic Rage Room. Here, guests enter and let loose, going absolutely wild as they obliterate objects, inspired by the legendary Office Space printer destruction scene. We’ve meticulously recreated an office cubicle, complete with a desk, computer, and those classic cheesy motivational posters. You’ll be provided with all the necessary safety gear and a trusty baseball bat to wreak havoc. Smash the office, annihilate everything in our enclosed room, and let it all out. Our Rage Room even boasts a polycarbonate viewing area, ensuring that all the rage and stress relief are on full display.

We handle everything for you. Our setup includes an enclosed room with floor protection, head-to-toe protective gear, and, of course, a variety of items waiting to be smashed to smithereens. The Mobile Rage Room is flexible, available for both indoor and outdoor sessions. You have the freedom to choose your preferred environment.

It’s time to get smashing! Guests are not only welcome but encouraged to destroy and smash everything in the room. The experience is taken up a notch as you witness others release their pent-up rage through our protective polycarbonate viewing area. Half the fun is watching the fury unfold!

We’re all about responsible fun. Our Rage Rooms are fully self-contained, ensuring that debris stays where it belongs – inside the room. In a commitment to sustainability, we exclusively use obsolete office equipment, leaving useful items untouched and preserving the environment.

Additional Details:

– A 20 Amp Circuit is required, ensuring a safe and efficient experience.
– You’ll need a 24’x24′ area, giving you plenty of space to let loose.
– Enjoy the experience with up to 50 participants per hour, accommodating gatherings of any size. It’s the perfect group activity!
– Immerse yourself for a generous 4 hours of stress-relieving freedom. We make sure you have ample time to release your pent-up tension.
– We provide head-to-toe coveralls and goggles for your complete protection and comfort. Your safety is our top priority.

So, if you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind, exhilarating stress-relief experience, look no further. Mobile Rage Rooms has it all. Come, take out your frustrations, and leave with a sense of calm like never before. Let the smashing begin!

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