6 Impactful Artists Addressing Trending Topics

6 Impactful Artists Addressing Trending Topics

In today’s world, there are many issues that affect people’s lives, such as social justice, mental health, climate change, and more. These issues are not only important to discuss, but also to express creatively. That’s why we at Neon Entertainment are proud to present six amazing artists who are using their talents to address trending topics in their art. Whether it’s poetry, music, comedy, or storytelling, these artists are making an impact with their powerful performances. Read on to learn more about them and how you can book them for your next event.

1. Pure Praxis: Empowering Change through Theatre

Trending Topic: Social Awareness and Prevention

Pure Praxis takes a unique approach to addressing current social and cultural issues. Led by Founder & Creator Kelly Pfleider, the program utilizes comedy and high-energy theater to engage audiences in discussions about topics such as Campus Sexual Assault, Title IX Compliance, Anti-Harassment Solutions, Suicide Prevention Strategies, and DEI Best Practices. The Three-Point Method—Connect, Inform, Act—forms the core of each training, emphasizing an empathy-based learning process. Pure Praxis aims to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to become agents of change, achieving success in private, educational, and military sectors.

2. Two Deep Breaths: A Virtual Retreat for Mindful Living

Trending Topic: Self-Care and Mindfulness

Two Deep Breaths offers a virtual escape for individuals seeking relaxation and mindfulness. This 60-minute event, hosted by musician and yoga instructor Shanice Green, combines live music, gentle yoga, guided meditations, and affirmation card creation. The experience aims to foster a sense of community and equip participants with self-care tools for daily life. Shanice’s expertise in Chakra Healing and her dedication to promoting positive affirmations make Two Deep Breaths a holistic and rejuvenating experience.

3. The Unauthorized Biography Series: Repackaging History through Hip Hop

Trending Topic: Inspirational Education and Cultural Celebration

Presented by Shaun Boothe, The Unauthorized Biography Series is a musical project that celebrates cultural icons through biographical rap songs. Covering figures like Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Oprah, and more, Boothe combines his music career with education to entertain and inspire. The series, featured on Forbes.com and recognized by notable figures like Kanye and Diddy, has become a powerful tool for motivational speaking in schools and performing arts centers.

4. How to Magically Connect with Anyone: Building Meaningful Connections

Trending Topic: Human Connection in a Competitive World

Brian, the creator of “How to Magically Connect with Anyone,” addresses the challenges faced by today’s students. In a world where talent and motivation may not be enough, Brian’s program emphasizes the importance of making others feel heard and valued. Using magic, audience interaction, and personal stories, Brian inspires students to lead the human connection revolution, teaching them practical strategies to connect with anyone and build a network of trust.

5. Diversity Disco: Fostering Unity Through Music and Dance

Trending Topic: Community Building

Lady Caress hosts Diversity Disco, a curated party experience designed to bring people together through music and dance. Beyond just providing a playlist, Diversity Disco acts as a conductor, guiding participants through musical games and activities that honor differences and encourage interaction. The program promotes self-love, peer love, and community respect, fostering lasting bonds and personal growth.

6. Ryan Kelly Scamming Scammers: Comedy and Justice on TikTok

Trending Topic: Cyber Security

Comedian Ryan Kelly brings humor to unconventional places with his TikTok series, “Scamming Scammers.” Born out of his wild life experiences and essential tremor, Ryan uses his comedic skills to turn the tables on scammers before reporting them to the authorities. His upbeat attitude and misadventures, shared on Instagram (@ryankellycomedy), showcase the power of humor in addressing serious issues.

In a world hungry for change and connection, these programs stand out as beacons of innovation, addressing diverse issues through unique and engaging approaches. Whether it’s through comedy, music, education, or community-building, these trending topics exemplify the richness of initiatives shaping our conversations and shaping a better future.



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