Diversity Disco

Diversity Disco

Music and dance have the powerful ability to bring people together, from all walks of life. Experiencing a familiar tune or rhythmic feeling with a group connects us at the basic human level. No bias, no judgement…just a musical journey shared by all who dare to let go. The right type of party has the potential to create lasting bonds, spark personal growth and foster collective respect. Music alone won’t ensure participants make new friends. Catchy melodies won’t ensure party goers discover value within their peers. The perfect playlist can provide ambiance but cannot be the catalyst for creating a safe space to celebrate uniqueness. A great party needs a conductor. Designed to break the ice while turning up the heat, Diversity Disco is a curated party hosted by Lady Caress that guides groups through musical games and activities honoring difference, and encouraging intermingling. Diversity Disco is a perfect blend of self-love, per love, and community / collective respect.

Diversity Disco program options:

-Combine it with our popular roller rink
-Make it a silent party and combine it with our silent disco headphones
-You provide the sound and we provide the rest

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