Pop-Up Zen Zone

Pop-Up Zen Zone

Students stressed?  Provide them the perfect opportunity to decompress and recharge by booking a spa day for your campus!  We transform your venue into a relaxing zen zone with state-of-the-art massage chairs, chi machines, oxygen bar and foot massagers.   Our massage chairs provide visitors 15 minutes of complete relaxation as they recline in our state-of-the-art chairs, relieving tension from the neck, back and legs.  Next, try out the chi machines that gently align your spine and calm your mind while you listen to soothing music. Be sure to check out the oxygen bar which serves up to four people at a time (all participants receive their own personal nose hoses).  Choose from 16 aromatherapy scents and experience 15 minutes of bliss; heightening concentration, alertness and memory. Lastly, participants can try out our essential oil workshop where they will learn the science behind essential oils and how they interact with our own chemistry to deliver mood enhancement, stress relief and memory improvement, making this the perfect program for those end of semester finals!

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“The program went amazing! The students and staff both enjoyed both [The Staff] and the Natural Healing Event. It was Epic!!!”

— Mynetta Brower, Cuyahoga Community College