3 Reasons to Hire a College Comedian as the Year Winds Down

3 Reasons to Hire a College Comedian as the Year Winds Down

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog! The school year is winding down and the weather is getting warmer. Why not enjoy the warm weather by warming your students’ hearts with laughter? Today, let’s discuss some reasons to hire a college comedian for your next event.

Reason 1: Everyone loves to laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, right? After the stress of the semester, a show where your students can cut loose and enjoy laughing with their friends is probably the best thing you can do for them. Having a comedian do a set at your event is a great way to have your students relax and have a good time.

Remember, laughter can reduce anxiety and stress by relaxing your whole body and releasing endorphins and other feel-good chemicals! Laughter even stimulates circulation and aids in muscle relaxation.

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Reason 2: Laughter Builds Connections

Doing things together can aid in forming a relationship with someone, but laughter is a key part of the process. Forming relationships is a large part of both school programs and the corporate environment. When a joke is told and two people sitting beside one another laugh at it, a bond is formed.

You see a similar scenario in sports events when the home team scores a touchdown or scores a goal and the building erupts in emotion. People start engaging with those around them in ways outside of their typical routine and a bond is formed between them.

Reason 3: Putting a feel-good bow on the year

Finals are a stressful time for students, and wrapping the year up with a comedy set is a good way to get your students excited to return next semester, mentally give them a break during studying and exam time, and help build connections. There are plenty more reasons to hire a college comedian than just these three that we rattled off, why not book one today and find out for yourself!

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