DIY College Event Entertainment | Affordable and Engaging Fun For Your Campus!

DIY College Event Entertainment | Affordable and Engaging Fun For Your Campus!

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon Entertainment, the leading provider in college event activities! We know that getting together the funds for some events can be a bit of a hassle, so in that case, we do have a more budget-friendly options. Try out our DIY college events!

Why Try a DIY College Event?

A DIY college event is a great way to have an engaging experience on a budget! Our DIY Drop-Ship programs give your students flexibility and variety, they can be done anywhere, independently, or in small or larger groupings! DIY events are a hands-on, creative programming solution that allows for free expression and connection without needing a phone, computer, or tablet.

When you go on YouTube or TikTok and look up DIY videos, the sheer number of videos and engagement figures indicate how popular doing it yourself is! DIY events are breaching more and more into the mainstream.

What Kinds of DIY Events Are Available?

3 DIY College Events to Try That Are Perfect For Engagement!

Here at NEON Entertainment, we have many DIY college events to choose from. One of our popular virtual choices is Paint Social! With Paint Social, we send out the supplies with a talented host to your campus to guide the students in creating their own works of art! You and your students won’t have to worry about the supplies like paint, brushes or canvasses. Supplies come individually wrapped to comply with any COVID-19 guidelines.

Another popular option we have for you is Zlippers! What are Zlippers, you ask? Well, they’re slippers with a zipper! The slipper with a simple zipper lets you choose the design on top. Create some cozy new slippers with creative designs! Designs are interchangeable and with a basic fabric marker your students can color them the way they want. Up to 100 students can particiapte with just one order!diy college event create a creature turtle design

Another option we have for you is our Create a Creature program! With over 100 stuffable designs to choose from, you’re sure to have a hit! Plus, you’ll get a t-shirt for the event with a customized design! Creatures stand about 16” tall and we provide the stuffing. Your students will love their little friends and t-shirt to remember their time spent at your school.

That’s not all!

Of course, those aren’t all the DIY/Drop Ship options we have available. Check out the store to see more of what we offer. You’ll be sure to find something entertaining and engaging there.

Contact Us!

Any questions regarding our Drop Ship/DIY event programs? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@neon-entertainment.com. You can also check out some of our previous writings where we’ve covered some of our DIY/Drop Ship offerings.
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