Planning a Spring Concert? Check Out These Musical Artists!

Planning a Spring Concert? Check Out These Musical Artists!

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We bring the party to your campus! For over 20 years Neon Entertainment has provided inspirational musical acts for colleges all around the country. As the pandemic has shifted our world over the last two years, we’ve seen how event planning has evolved, both temporarily and permanently. Despite challenges due to social distancing, virtual events have grown in popularity and people are certainly more used to a virtual event today than they ever were. We saw how even high production television networks were forced to re invent the wheel, with music, comedy and other forms of entertainment being packaged in new ways and delivered in ways we’d never seen before.

As we embark on a new spring here in 2022, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the pandemic is behind us, and go over a few musical acts that would be a perfect live act for your Springfest or Spring concert!

Shanice Green

Shanice has a soulful sound that is unmatched. She brings a level of authenticity to any song, and her original music is fruitful with eloquent notes of compassion, blues, and heart! She is smooth and charismatic and a great choice for your spring concert series!



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Nico Franc

Nico’s tunes feature powerful epic measures and a soothing sauntering voice that brings an emotional and passionate sound. Nico can do romantic on his new single below, but also can do fun and uplifting pop like on “Midnight Blues” Here’s his new one from this year.. “Paint in the Dark.”

Will Jay

Will Jay has amassed over 116k followers on Instagram and for good reason! His warm voice shines through his melodic free-flowing pop, with a tinge of new aged electronic. You can get an idea of what Will brings to the table with his new song, written based off the widely regarded “Euphoria”



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Piscataway Nation

Changing it up a bit from the typical American style of music, if you’re looking for something a bit different, with artistic and cultural flare, the Piscataway Nation Singers and Dancers are a truly moving performance. Their Native American history is emulated in the powerful sounds of their chants, drums, and beautiful messages. Check out a little preview to see how powerful of a performance they can bring!


Made up of a quintet of queens, this group is sure to open your mind to a new way of musical performance. They are award-winning acapella singers who can surely bring the pizzaz to your party in the plaza. You may know this one.. if you’ve ever heard of Dua Lipa that is..



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These 5 musical artists are just a few of our talented performers! If you have any questions about booking a spring concert, or other college event, remember you can always reach out to Neon! We are an experienced team of event planning specialists who can prepare everything you need to put on a memorable and fun college event. Please check out the rest of our musicians to learn more about our roster! We are so proud of each and every one of our musicians for staying strong through these trying times, and hope they can get back out on the road and doing what they love.. performing live for YOU!

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