Neon Brings Awesome Social Events Right To Your Campus!

Neon Brings Awesome Social Events Right To Your Campus!

Campus event ideas are a crucial part of the social makeup of your campus.  Students are always looking for ways to connect with new people; especially incoming freshmen who likely don’t know anybody outside their dorm.  Providing fun campus events is the best way to get students excited about college life and the possibilities in front of them at your university.  Neon Entertainment has hundreds of awesome events that make great first year experience ideas. Here’s a short list of four unique events that will be a great starting point for new students in the coming semester. For more special events, visit our Variety page.


2019 has been a big year for gamers.  The competitive gaming community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and has generated a pretty serious fan base.  Just think about the recent Fortnite grand finals event which handed out over 30 million dollars in prize money!  Now, thanks to Neon, you can bring the high stakes atmosphere of esports right to your campus with our new E-Games event package.  We’ll provide you with TVs and all your favorite consoles and games so you’ll be set up for one electrifying event!

Casino Night

There’s something special about the unique atmosphere a casino night offers.  The allure of winning big mixed with free food and drink will make this one of your most popular campus events of the year.  When you book this package you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different table games including Poker, Craps, Roulette and Black Jack.  And the best part is, students won’t have to risk their own money as we’ll provide all the casino chips you’ll need.  You can add incentives as well at your own discretion. Hold various competitions or hand out prizes to the biggest winners of the night!

Paint Social

Creativity mixes in perfectly with community events.  That’s why Paint Social is one of our most popular college event ideas; here’s how it works.  When students enter the event they’ll get set up with all the materials they’ll need including brushes, canvas, paint, and aprons.  Then our artist will guide the participants in a step by step process of recreating a painting. You should know that this is far from a painting class and closer to a painting party.  Everyone is encouraged to be creative and get to know each other throughout the 2 hour long event. This social event package is perfect for family weekend, homecoming and other early semester activities.

Cooking With Chef Egg

To say that college students don’t always eat the best food would be an understatement.  Between being on their own for the first time, being busy with classes, and not having a ton of money to throw around, we often hear about students turning to microwave meals like Raman Noodles.  Chef Egg sees the potential in younger students and wants to help teach them cooking basics they can keep for the rest of their life. Booking Chef Egg’s college cooking tour will not only be informational but his sense of humor and wild antics will make his event a fun evening of entertainment as well.  If your looking to promote first year experience ideas for students on your campus, Chef Egg is a great choice.

It feels like the summer flew by in the blink of an eye and now the fall semester is less than a month away.  Now is the prime time to start booking cool college event ideas to make sure your campus social calendar is both fun and exciting.  Talk to Neon Entertainment’s college booking agents today to schedule any of the above events and start getting the word out on your social media channels!


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